Seems reasonable to me

As it turned out, though, some of them thrived as our spending habits changed. And JD Sports was one of the winners. Its profits are set to rise by at least 70% to an estimated £550m this year.

Take Peter Cowgill, for example, executive chairman of JD Sports. He has been paid almost £6m in bonuses since February last year.


8 thoughts on “Seems reasonable to me”

  1. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    It does stick in the craw when they’ve taken £100m of taxpayers’ money

  2. Allthegoodnames…

    They hand over plenty the rest of the time. Always take what you can. Always. The Graun won’t give you a pity fuck when you go bankrupt because you were a good boy.

  3. Mmmm… Does seem he’s benefited from a windfall situation rather than inspired chairmanship performance. Lot of companies have cashed in on changed consumer habits.
    Pal over in the UK is a florist. Despite there being few weddings & reduction in floral tributes for funerals, he about doubled his turnover. Bought a second van & took on more staff. During the hard lockdown, bloke wanted to buy a present for wife/girlfriend, no shops open unless he wanted to brighten up her day with a bulk pack of toilet tissue. Flowers. Can’t get to see granny? Flowers. Flowers have been going like hotcakes. Now the flower givers have bought themselves trouble. Absence of flowers implies less care an attention. So more flowers. OK, it may peter out but until it does, he’s coining it.

  4. Yet another variation in the ongoing Graun epic “why people we don’t like should pay tax even when they don’t have to unlike GMG which is obviously different”.

  5. I don’t get this whole ‘businesses should pay back furlough received’. It wasn’t the business that received the furlough money but the staff who were not working and therefore weren’t contributing to the profit of the business.

    Had furlough not been available, a lot of those employees would have been made redundant.

  6. Yep will be interesting to see how many staff don’t get to come back to work so that the company can maintain their gains.
    People are going to realise soon that furlough in some % of cases was just a very nice unemployment benefit scheme, how big that % is we will have to see

  7. Dig into the last budget finances and you’ll find that Sunak’s calculations include the expectation that they will recover up to one-third of SEISS and JRS payments as having been wrongly claimed. Lots of staff allocated to this task and upwards of 12,000 ongoing investigations.

    Big question is what happens if they don’t recover that much?

  8. Allthegoodnames…

    Relates to previous 8 years performance.

    The Guardian whine is as meaningful as ‘Prof’ Murphaloon complaining about banks paying no corporation tax the year after the 2008/9 crash without mentioning that having lost billions the year before it was because of tax losses.

    Tax campaigners so far up their own anuses that only their feet are showing, as usual.

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