South Africa

A group of armed locals did manage to defend a nearby gun and ammunition shop, and may well have saved lives by doing so.

But the town’s police force were completely overwhelmed. By Monday evening they had exhausted their supply of rubber bullets and were running low on live rounds, relying on donations from local civilians for ammunition.

A century and a bit back when the British rozzers were chasing some anarchists (Lithuanian, Latvian?) through London they borrowed pistols off the passing crowd….

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  1. Doesn’t help that Gun Free SA and assorted “do-gooders” have been pressuring the state to disarm the populous over the last while. I am pretty sure those who did trade in their firearms are regretting the decision.

  2. @ Sam Jones

    Yes our heroic potato is on top form. Lockdowns must continue, he shrieks, it’s far too dangerous to go out.

    “I made a rare visit to London yesterday” he explained yesterday.

    What emergency was it that forced this trip?

    “Some economists met for lunch”.

  3. @gunker – I can’t imagine Gun Free SA gets much traction. I love to visit but would be tooled up AF if I lived there, even if it was in a leafy Cape Town suburb.

  4. “Ritchie has gone in two footed on the TJN”

    As somebody once memorably said, “Like being savaged by a dead sheep”

  5. @Philip Scott Thomas:

    Latvian. The Tottenham Outrage, 1909.

    Latvians? Hmmm.

    Perps of the Tottenham Outrage:

    Jewish Latvian immigrants.

    Perps of the Siege of Sydney Street:

    George Gardstein, William (or Joseph) Sokoloff, Fritz Svaars , Max Smoller, also known as Joe Levi and “Josepf the Jew” and “Peter the Painter”, a nickname for an unknown figure, possibly named Peter Piaktow (or Piatkov, Pjatkov or Piaktoff)…

    …By 1910 Russian émigrés met regularly at the Anarchist Club in Jubilee Street, Stepney. Many of its members were not anarchists, and the club became a meeting and social venue for the Russian émigré diaspora, most of whom were Jewish.

    Those Latvians and Lithuanians are at it again.

  6. There is amazing newsreel footage of the Sidney Street Siege. You can see Churchill, as Home Secretary, almost itching to get into the action. Somehow it reminded me of that time that Harriet Harman wore a kevlar vest while touring her constituency. I imagine that Jonathan would class the Russian Revolution as a Jewish conspiracy

  7. @MC

    Unfortunately the law abiding public were made to jump through hoops to retain their firearm licenses and many just handed their weapons over (my father in law included) rather than go through the rigmarole.

    Have mates in KZN telling me they manned barricades with neighbours sporting a collection of firearms, baseball bats, and even golf clubs.

  8. Andrew C

    Seems to have echoes of the ‘Beer Hall Putsch’ from that entry.

    Summary of the current political scenario was agreed to be hard. It is unstable. But from failing on the culture wars, to a collapsing NHS, and massive numbers of Covid cases, completely internationally aberrationally, it seems that this government is very definitely losing the plot. Its popularity will decline. We could not see how Johnson can survive another lockdown (which seems likely) given the promise of irreversible reopening. But what might happen then is unclear.

    To be so completely fundamentally wrong on every issue is a challenge. Quite impressive in its own way!

  9. @ Diogenes:

    I imagine that Jonathan would class the Russian Revolution as a Jewish conspiracy

    Not a conspiracy, no, but when Jews were a tiny minority ( about 5%) of the Russian Empire’s population but the majority of violent revolutionaries or that they were massively over-represented in both the leadership and the ranks of the secret police and of the whole apparatus of terror and repression in the Soviet Union up to the 1960’s, why would you deny that Jews played perhaps the major role in it?

    Does it make Jewish people uncomfortable or angry to point out their involvement? Yes. Is that a reason not to point it out? No.

  10. Africans have been exposed to every civilization since the Babylonians and have never shown much interest in the idea. I don’t see why western civ should have a different outcome.

  11. We should send help to SA whites and non-Marxist blacks. Had we a decent govt instead of Scum Johnson. I’m sure that if we bested whatever Marxist scum are stirring it up down there our white/black brothers would be able to reward us with gold/diamonds etc.

  12. “We should send help to SA whites …” No. Not our war.

    After decades of boasting about what hard bastards they were, the Afrikaners folded feebly, presumably for fear of losing their cheap servants if the US imposed enough of an embargo on RSA. They made their beds, they must lie on them. We have problems enough of our own to sort out.

  13. @ Mr Ecks:

    We should send help to SA whites and non-Marxist blacks.

    Whites will never be allowed to live peacefully in Africa so helping them is a waste of time and effort. Their slow-motion genocide started as soon as Mandela died, so the only long-term solution is for them to leave; however as they’re White, no country will allow them refugee status.

    IoW, they’re F**ked.

    I suppose that if you could persuade 20-30 million White Europeans to move to SA – who could object? Diversity is a Strength after all- they might have a chance at surviving but that’ll never happen.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    If 2nd and subsequent generations of blacks are British no matter how the 1st generation got here the the same should apply to whites in Africa.

  15. The only possibility of Western civilisation surviving in Southern Africa is an independent Western Cape.

  16. I imagine that Jonathan would class the Russian Revolution as a Jewish conspiracy

    Well, he wouldn’t be wrong and he wouldn’t be the first, in fact Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (he of “Gulag Archipelago” fame) wrote a whole book on that exact contention, that the Russian Revolution was effectively inspired mainly by Jews. That was the book “Two Hundred Years Together”.

  17. Mandela gets no free pass on this. He never criticised Mugabe, let alone helped the Zimbabweans. Fellow Marxists together.

    He never put his weight into fighting the rampant corruption or cronyism in the ANC. He didn’t make it an open party, attractive to outsiders.

    He was always fond of one party states, where the ruler has complete control.

  18. Good Wikipedia article. TLDR; Russians of Jewish decent were not more or less responsible for soviet repression than Russians of other decent.

  19. @ Chester Draws
    Try getting your facts right
    Mandela was one of the tiny minority of ANC leaders who was *not* a member of the SACP
    Contrary to the Grauniad spiel, ANC was, like CND, a tool of the KGB. Mandela was a Xhosa prince who was used as a figurehead but did quite a lot to promote multi-racialism, in preference to anti-white pogroms.

  20. Er JB just because Wikipedia is pushing that line of bullshit doesn’t make it so.

    Hell one of the founders of Wikipedia gave an interview yesterday or the day before saying the site has utterly failed as a repository of the truth and was just another engine of favoured narratives.

  21. John77, Mandela was a terrorist. Nothing more, nothing less. The ANC were nothing more than tsotses terrorising their own neighbourhoods. The township violence, the kangaroo courts, the necklacings, etc. all down to the ANC and their gang of thugs. Door-to-door election campaigning in the townships in the run up to the 1994 general election was simply “Vote for us or we’ll burn your houses down”.

    Where was Mandela’s first international visit after being released from jail? Not to America or Britain to thank anti-apartheid campaigners and western governments for their support. It was to Libya to meet Gadhafi to thank him for all the AK47s.

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