T’ain’t Brenda

The Queen has awarded the George Cross to the entire NHS, making public a handwritten note in which she praises the “courage, compassion and dedication” of health workers over more than 70 years.

It’s a political award and not a directly Royal one. Boris and mates, not Brenda. She signs, not decides here.

It diminishes all other awards of the GC. As always happens with titles and medals of course. Precisely the value and honour accruing to some really especial gong means that the politicians will, over time demean it.

Duke used to mean war leader, war leader in a real top dog way, the bloke who directed ‘fousands to protect the homeland against Johnny Foreigner. It became the go to title for spare royal bastards requiring a name. A knighthood meant actual prowess in battle, prowess at something at least. Now it goes to whichever civil servant greets Brenda on an overseas trip.

There was hope that GC and VC could avoid that, stay above that fray. And sadly politics doesn’t work that way, does it?

17 thoughts on “T’ain’t Brenda”

  1. Is it a recognition of all the professionalism and dedication that goes into TikTok videos ?

  2. Does this mean every hospital porter and NHS HR chairwarmer can put GC after their name ? If Michael Mann can claim he won a Nobel Prize for being part of the IPCC, why not ?

  3. I await the award of the GC to the checkout staff at ASDA, Tesco etc, who unlike the NHS carried on with customer contact rather than hide behind the screens and exclude the public.

  4. How much will be spent on the rebranding?
    Instead of going to Bodybury NHS Trust, you’ll enter by a huge neon-lit sign saying Corpsebury NHS Trust G.C.
    It can only be a matter of time before Trust managers are automatically appointed to the Lords, like the bench of Bishops.

  5. It’s just ordinary “grade inflation”. Just think of the people who would once have been called General Manager who are now Chief Executive. Or those who would have been known as the village idiot but who are now Professor three times over.

  6. ‘Surely, it is the British people who deserve an award for all their sacrifice saving the NHS?’

    Thank you, Pat.

  7. On the bright side it does set it up for a future laurie penny to claim her mum was awarded the GC for saving the UK population from COVID.

  8. Oh dear, I seem to have run out of political parties I could possibly vote for. Could someone please start an “Intelligent Party” or perhaps even an “Occasionally Slightly Intelligent Party”? Then I could take part in something that used to be called Democracy.

  9. Boris and mates, not Brenda.

    Those aren’t necessarily exclusive, though. Her Maj is fully part of the establishment and quite capable of her own contributions to idiocy. She should have announced it on a Thursday evening whilst banging on a saucepan.

    The rapidity with which the story has fallen down the columns indicates a wide recognition of wankery.

  10. It seems to me that a GC is something that the Queen can give, while anything else, such as a pay rise depends on the government of the day.

  11. GM for the NHS & the VC for Handycock. Can’t be many VC winners have killed so many. Although normally they’re the enemy.

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