Tax Justice!

To explain the spleen:

“Would funders be better advised to redirect resources to the investigation of domestic
tax gaps, their causes, implications and the means to both assess them and tackle their

Grift that is, mere grift.

8 thoughts on “Tax Justice!”

  1. He does seem to be getting desperate. Can’t help wondering about the face fungus. Is that to aid in the day job of squatting outside Tesco Ely with a plastic cup & a dog on a string?

  2. Three professorships, various consultancies and grants and he still wants more.

    Is this due to an extravagant lifestyle or simply a massive sense of entitlement?

  3. Dennis, CPA to the Gods

    Strangely enough, if you poke around the HMRC website a bit, you can find tons of information/research on the very topics Murphy wants to “investigate”.

    It’s almost as if he simply wants people to hand him money so he can cover his living expenses…

  4. @ Dennis

    Ah, but HMRC restrict themselves to things like ‘facts’ and ‘reality’. Murphy’s research has no such limitations.

  5. Dennis, Cycling Without Training Wheels

    They also do proper investigating using proper techniques and methodologies, something else Murph is unencumbered by.

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