Tax them! Tax them!

The endowment fund behind the Guardian will pump more money into the booming private equity market after the value of its assets increased by nearly a fifth in the pandemic.

The Scott Trust, which owns the left-leaning news publisher and funds its persistent operating losses from its investment returns, said the overall value of its assets increased by 19pc – or £178m – to £1.1bn for the year to March.

If they’re profiting while millions die we must tax them!

And as Elynomics³ keeps pointing out, government running a deficit simply does produce a rise in private wealth which must be taxed back…..

5 thoughts on “Tax them! Tax them!”

  1. But…. Doesn’t that make the Guardian complicit in the much-bemoaned rise in property prices which makes it impossible for people of vibrant descent to get the house they want, and….?

    Oh wait… “left-leaning” … One Rule for Thee, One for Me…

  2. It ain’t The Scott Trust, it’s The Scott Trust Ltd. Plain different thing.

    The Board seems to be the expected collection of the Vile and the Vicious.

  3. Shouldn’t they be investing in New Green Bonds at 1% or summat? To avoid being complicit in frying penguins…?

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