The Serendipity of Charity Bookshops

There’s no way at all I would have read this without being reliant upon a charity bookshop in a non-English speaking country. Selection issues, d’ye see?

Feed. Young Adult novel, bloggers are the irruption of truth into a staid mainstream media, there’s a pandemic – the zombies have arrived.

Well, OK, and rather well done.

The plot point being that the CDC and all know how to deal with the zombies but don’t because there are those who relish their power over society and think that the restrictions will lead to a better world. You know, one continually run by them?

Given that level of prediction it’s a wonder that it is a novel not a TED talk.

4 thoughts on “The Serendipity of Charity Bookshops”

  1. SoT but, being a fan of (good) science fiction, I have never understood why animals or insects which are attracted to rotting flesh, don’t eat all the zombies? In fact, in the few zonbie films and tv shows I’ve been forced to watch, I have rarely seen any animals at all. Do the zombies eat them or kill them and they then turn into zombie animals? I’m in my late 70’s and I would like to know before I pop my clogs.

  2. i like them too, but at least the oxfam ones are becoming new bookshops. A significant number being print overruns. They are preferred over well thumbed and browning pages and therefore push quite a lot of gems that were donated off the shelf.

  3. @Penseivat

    In the resident evil films the animals seemed to be ‘turned’ by eating infected flesh. But typically I have found animals seem to ignore zombies such as the crap dawn of the dead remake.

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