They’re insane

This tendency has reached its ultimate expression with the decision that any companies needing to exempt critical workers from self-isolation — outside the small number of approved sectors — will have to send a list of named employees, with a detailed justification, to the relevant office in Whitehall. These requests will then be evaluated by three departments “on a daily basis”, and the firms notified by letter.

Just wholly, completely, whoop whoop doolally.

18 thoughts on “They’re insane”

  1. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    By letter? Here in North Korea (Germany Province) the bureaucracy is far more advanced. It will, upon request, fax the rejections to the applicants so they get them a day earlier.

  2. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)


    I wonder if people are having “ping parties”? If you get pinged go and round up all your mates and leave your phones together for a few minutes.

  3. As a former bureaucrat, the only way I can think of to make this work is to automatically approve every application.

    Of course in that case one might as well abolish the regulation.

  4. ‘Of course in that case one might as well abolish the regulation.’

    Oh come on. Next thing you’ll be proposing to axe the job.

  5. The virus is becoming endemic. So the ping app, and test-and-trace, are both becoming futile. Just stop them; that’s the only policy that makes any sense.

  6. The insanity is the fucking mugs taking ANY notice of this obviously bogus shite.

    Sickening today how many maskie mugs still poncing around ASDA. Mostly cowardly females but a few older males–cant call them men–who get most of their lies via MSM shite.

    They deserve the tyranny they are bringing on themselves. The looks of incomprehension on their stupid mugs when social credit tyranny has them in its grip would be wonderful to behold.They deserve every abasement and humiliation.

    But I and those like me don’t.

  7. Dearieme: The virus is becoming endemic. ftfy and all that.

    The problem is with the “Zero CoVid” crowd, and their insane notion that the spread of the virus/new varieties can somehow be controlled and even eradicated after the barn, farm, and fields have burnt down and the ground been thoroughly salted.

    That lot still holds the stage, even while a good 18 months of lockdowns, vaccinations, and other assorted indignities to freedom and self-determination have proven their Measures aren’t effective, and
    will never be effective.

  8. “or ignore the ping. What are they going to do, send someone to check?”
    Oh, you can ignore the ping. But if T&T pick up on it – and the systems are connected – the T&T commands have some legal teeth. And they sometimes do send someone to check.

  9. And they sometimes do send someone to check.

    “I was self isolating, so of course I didn’t answer the door.”

  10. @NDReader – as I understand it, the app works anonymously. This was part of the central basis that Google and Apple insisted on. I’m sure that anonymous phone numbers can be reverse traced, but that would take time, effort and expertise – assuming that government agencies have access to the data. The idea that the two systems are connected infers a level of joined up thinking that doesn’t exist. You give them the benefit of too much doubt, bordering on a degree of competence. I suspect that a knock on the door following a ping is unlikely.

  11. Fully vaccinated people who have been hospitalised with Covid so didn’t need the vaccine anyway yet still isolating on the basis of walked past someone. So what’s the point of vaccination and passports if you still have to follow all the rules.

  12. I wonder how much of this lunacy is a function of a generation in Whitehall who don’t remember the bureaucratic sclerosis of the 1940s-1970s. I mean, I’m 50 now and it’s a dim childhood memory for me, mostly learned through reading later about the causes of the effects I actually saw.

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