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That there are two sexes, and that people cannot literally change sex, are plain statements of fact that also align with British law. Sex is recognised as a matter of biology. Since 2004 the Gender Recognition Act has enabled people to change their legally deemed sex for certain purposes, but it also recognises that this doesn’t change their actual sex (for example in relation to motherhood or fatherhood, sport, religion and inheritance).

Matt Ridley could get a gender recognition certificate or whatever it is and he’d still be Viscount Ridley. His older sister (no idea whether he has one) could not have got such a certificate and become Viscount Ridley.

That is, we’re back where we should be. Conflating sex and gender normally doesn’t matter, changing also doesn’t normally. But sometimes it all does. So, the Big Q is when, isn’t it?

9 thoughts on “This is a good point”

  1. I’d argue for ignoring ‘Gender Recognition’ and saying, ‘If you’ve got the dangly bits, you’re a bloke. If you haven’t you’re a bird.’

    Ok. I’ll admit I’m almost three quarters of a century old.

  2. Boganboy – Canadian sex pest Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv of #waxmyballs fame recently got his dangly bits chopped off and turned into a spaghetti mess of necrotic flesh. Was last seen crying that his “clitoris” fell off and he can’t find it.

    Tbf I’ve heard this is pretty common and women usually lose their milk clit before their wisdom fanny grows in.

  3. Somewhat tasteless don’t you think? And likely to be very hurtful to Matt Ridley who loved his sister Rose dearly.

  4. Given that we know each other no doubt he’ll tell me if that is so. I doubt it given that it’s just an example of the point, not actually a comment about either of them.

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