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Why is Scandinavia such a weird place?

Because none of the Vikings with the gumption to go see England ever bothered to go home again.

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  1. They’re good lads in the main. Lead safe, prescribed lives…do as they’re told. If we’re not careful we will morph into a similar mindset.

  2. They’re so nice and altruistic, it’s been easy for certain folk to take advantage of their good nature.
    Jonathan might tell you more, if you ask him.

  3. I have been assured that, if you live in Scandinavia long enough, you will come to see that it is all the other places that are wierd.

  4. @ Tim
    Surely you mean that only the weird ones chose to go home again? Choosing to go home = weird …

  5. What people forget is that it is extremely recent that the Scandinavian countries have become wealthy and some societal norms haven’t caught up. They were not rich countries 100 years ago.

    After WWII and their economies picked up they felt wealthy, and so went down the Socialist route, thinking they could afford it. They quickly found out that no-one can afford Socialism, so they have gone back to free market. Which means that they have not had the economic malaise of places like France and Germany, which remain heavily statist.

    Scandinavians are that annoying that comes from being pleasantly well off, because they haven’t had to live with decreasing expectations.

  6. Wut Chester sez…

    OT but relevant…

    While ..intervening.. in a kerfuffle last monday at my volunteer job at the homeless shelter I came across a peculiar threat:
    “I’m from the UK , and you know what that means…”

    Ok… Coloured and stuff… But even in my Youf around Merseyside I’ve heard better.. And Scouse expect Souse to work for them…
    Where is the Art of Insult and threat gone?…

    Incidentally… You can expect that particular example back, and local plod is figuring out how under Lockdown a UK-ian could possibly end up where I could intervene..

  7. England is South of pretty much all of Scandinavia and so is warmer. Even Copenhagen is on a parallel with Edinburgh. So they stayed in England for the weather.

  8. well they can’t be all that agreeable or they’d still be united. I mean all very well saying eff off to denmark and or sweden, everyone declaring neutrality, then getting invaded and occupied by tyskland for 5 years.

  9. @ Kjerulf:

    So they stayed in England for the weather.

    Explain Shetland, which has about 70% Norwegian DNA.

    More likely because of more, and better, farmland.

  10. Dennis, Septic to the Masses

    Why is England such a weird place?

    Because none of the wogs with the gumption to go see The States ever bothered to go home again.

    And that started well before the tax exile came into existence.

  11. @ Dennis
    Why should the wogs who went to see The States make any difference to England unless they got lost on their way home?

    A better suggestion would be that all the weird folk who fled their homeland to avoid persecution for being different ended up here as it was as far as they could go until a century or so after Columbus. So we’ve had umpteen thousand years of being the end of the road before anyone invented a passenger ship that could cross the Atlantic.

    You’ve acquired some real weirdos in the last five hundred years but we’ve had fifty thousand years to acquire weirdos.

  12. Er, Jonathan? Tim was discussing Vikings remaining in England, not the UK. Anyway, populating the Shetlands wouldn’t really have measurable effect on Scandinavia.

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