Time for a remake

A speed limit of 30 km/h will be imposed on almost all of Paris next month, to the approval of its residents but to the dismay of drivers who accuse the city council of a war on motor vehicles.

Anne Hidalgo, the Socialist mayor, said the election pledge she made to expand low-speed zones that already cover 60 per cent of the city would be implemented before September.

The socialist version would be pretty boring but then socialism always is, isn’t it?

18 thoughts on “Time for a remake”

  1. Meh… The parisians will have no trouble to ding up their cars, and mangle anything not on 4 wheels at that speed as well, so what’s the difference?

  2. I see Hildago has also got a plan for a sort of “musical chairs” for cars – she’s got this plan to do away with half the car parking spaces in Paris. I’m pretty confident that eventually there’ll be a revolt.

    elsewhere / OT

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    Has Harrabin held another seminar behind the scenes?

    Modern interpretive dance crew vying for funding with the Met Office?

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  3. Less than 20mph virtually everywhere, all the time. Nearly half of on-street parking spaces removed. Increasing numbers of zones with complete vehicle bans. On and on. Socialist mayor and Greens deputy mayor. Voted in by Parisians.

    This should make it easier for Muslims to pray on the street, and with fewer cars to burn they’ll turn on peoples homes.
    Good and hard.

    Coming to cities and towns near you.

  4. tomo,

    This stuff is pure clownworld. No-one producing great art is looking at how much CO2 they’re producing. If you’re an artist, you’re focussed on the art and how to get it made.

  5. That bike race along the Champs-Élysées will be a touch boring, even I can manage 30 km/h on my bike.

    Briefly. 😉

  6. I get the impression that Paris (proper, within the ring road) is just a larger version of Islington: professional middle classes who don’t drive and who vote for things like this. It’s a plot to drive out the last vestiges of the working class and make Paris even more PMC. If the speed limits and parking restrictions are enforced, then the plan will work.

  7. Average vehicle speeds in European capitals are already well below 30kmh door to door. This probably won’t make much difference. There is a trade off between prosperity and nice streets with lots of pedallers and cyclists and fewer fatalities.
    Obvs markets are a better way to work through the problem, but it’s a better idea than the London ‘congestion’ charge which doesn’t reduce congestion because of the exemptions and ULEZ zones which don’t reduce emissions from tyre particles. Imv of course.

  8. A lot of the town I’m in is effectively 30kph. Some of it’s official. But pedestrians having absolute right of way on crossings, the multitude of the same & that because of the former, dagos walk out on them without looking, means that one drives extraordinarily carefully.
    Paris is generally somewhere I try & stay out of. My experience of other French cities, I think some of above applies to them. They’re certainly nothing like London’s racetracks between speed cameras. It’s something I notice when I’m out & about. As a born Londoner I’ll do that “dancing with the traffic” stuff we all do to get across multiple fast moving lanes. Get to the other side & the Spanish are still standing on the pavement opposite.

  9. Does it mean that someday it will be possible to cross the pedestrian crossing on the Place de la Concorde through 12 lanes of traffic on foot?

  10. Wasn’t she the one that complained when Paris was fined for breaking the rules on gender equality because she would only hire women

  11. The socialist version would be pretty boring but then socialism always is, isn’t it?

    I don’t know about that. I would think the constant living in terror of the Party apparatchiks and the block warden, along with never knowing if there’ll be enough to eat that night would not be boring.

    And, of course, the midnight knock and ending in a mass grave off the road is probably pretty exciting.

  12. Agammamon

    like Caracas then?

    Does El Presidente still do his Sunday evening bit on the national telly playin ‘is piano and leading the nation in uplifting songs??

  13. “Does it mean that someday it will be possible to cross the pedestrian crossing on the Place de la Concorde through 12 lanes of traffic on foot?”
    Don’t please, Rhoda. Even as a Londoner I found that disconcerting when I lived in Paris. One sets off praying one can get to safe haven on the pavement before the traffic lights change. And it’s a very long way. Parisian drivers have always been aggressive. Although not as aggressive as the small dogs occupy the front seat beside cab drivers. So one spends the entire trip being glared at from beneath a pair of furry eyebrows.

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