Scott, who had qualified second fastest for the final, is a freestyle specialist and so it was of little surprise that he should lag back in sixth place after the opening backstroke leg. He then moved up to fifth in breaststroke and butterfly before unleashing a ferocious finish over the final 50m to surge through the field into second.

Backstroke first leg? Really?

Second leg, surely?

And this is from the Chief Sports Reporter?

3 thoughts on “Umm?”

  1. He couldn’t see the screen properly in the pub.

    I am surprised to discover that medley racing only appeared first in the 1960s.

  2. Backstroke is the first leg of the medley relay (a pity as the flying entry handover into a second-leg backstroke would be great fun to see) while the individual event starts with the butterfly.

  3. Might be a perennial one from me- but all the races ought to be freestyle, or rather sub optimal strokes shouldn’t get their own medals.

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