Well, I dunno

The P³ is now pissed at the TJN. Well, fair enough. It’s just that near all of his criticisms first appeared here as failures in the P³’s own workings.

Hey, maybe he does read here after all?

9 thoughts on “Well, I dunno”

  1. Of course he reads here. He’s so sure of his own invincibility, he lurks to satisfy himself that everyone is wrong and that he is, candidly, still right.

  2. Ritchie vs the TJN –

    For those of us who haven’t been following, is it the Judean People’s Front sketch?

    To which point, is either side right?

  3. Astonishing even by his standards. I like the way he says the TJN have no expertise in tax. From a man with 3 professorships but no PhD, MA or teaching qualification!

    He doesn’t normally write formal reports without being paid. I wonder what brought this on. My guess is he is competing with the TJN for funding and is desperate to discredit them.

    According to the TJN website, John Christensen is still their chair! It looks like he has fallen out with his oldest ally!

  4. It’s hilarious how unaware he is.

    Moaning about tax gap numbers that are made up and that the TJN won’t engage in discussion.

  5. Differences should be settled in an honourable fashion, like a Sumo wrestling match with the Prof’s cornerman Pilgrim Slight Return wedgied right up the Prof’s arse crack

  6. A quick skim read of Spud’s criticism of the TJN’s “State Of Tax Justice” report shows just how petty he is.

    TJN comes up with its figure for the tax-gap. Says it could employ X number of extra nurses…

    Spud’s tantrum includes….

    “What the lost nurses might do in the UK is not explained within the SOTJ”

    “The number of nurses comparison for the UK is also materially misleading: it implies the UK
    requires many more nurses than is actually the case.”

  7. @BinD if it’s just the numbers: the entire national budget. Microelectronics for the win… 😉

    Now for the real question.. We all knew P³ would end up in a fight with his “allies” eventually… Did anyone win a bet correctly predicting the general date?

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