Well, I’m impressed, no, really, I am

I mentioned yesterday that Prof Andrew Baker, a colleague at the University of Sheffield, and I had won an award for our academic journal paper on “Modern Monetary Theory and the Changing Role of Tax in Society” in the academic Social Policy Association’s 2021 Awards round.

A prize, eh?

The SPA discussion of membership:

429 people, eh? A significant portion of UK academia.

10 thoughts on “Well, I’m impressed, no, really, I am”

  1. Tim, does this blogging platform allow for an easy (for you) and clear (for us) way of showing when you are quoting rather than when you are writing your own stuff?

    I assume that is a Spud Quote above, but it could be made a lot more obvious to the reader.

    [/constructive critibollox]

  2. What I’d take away from that is there’s some remarkably stupid academics. But I knew that anyway.

    Or is this another organisation been cored out by the usual suspects? Ceased the search for & dissemination of knowledge in favour of pushing propaganda for the above usual suspects. These days deep suspicion of anyone in academia should be the default setting. Credibility down to used car dealer levels heading for politicians & journalists.

  3. bis

    I would have never had much regard for any academic in the field of ‘social policy’ even 30 years ago but now I think if someone was an inmate at HMP Wormwood Scrubs they’d have more credibility frankly…

  4. Bunch of nut-job lefties get together and give awards to nut-job lefties.

    Apparently he won a book token.

  5. Rickchard Moophry

    Candidly, I have won second prize in a beauty contest and will now collect my prestigious £10 prize before rolling again because I got doubles last time

  6. Only 350 in the UK.

    With an annual membership fee income of less than £33,000, which university department’s administration budget are they leaching their operating costs from?

  7. Rev Spooner,

    First, it is a blockquote

    Second, it is italicised

    Third, I am in a good mood and so not using my fists to type so there are fewer mistakes than normal

  8. Thank you, Murph. It is showing as the first two now – it wasn’t (at least for me) earlier. Much easier to read, ta.

    As for fist typing, I recommend boxing gloves to minimise the bruising.

  9. Theophrastus (2066)

    Andrew Baker sounds like a waste of space:

    “I work in the broad field of International Political Economy. My interests include the politics of economic ideas and knowledge, the political economy of change following financial and economic crises, the politics of macroeconomic policy and financial governance, financial sector power, alternative forms of financial and monetary organization, NGO campaigning on these issues, and the future of the global financial and monetary system.”

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