Well, they’re right, it does

To Kill A Mockingbird will no longer be taught to pupils at a secondary school after teachers claimed the book promotes a “white saviour” narrative.

That the person Atticus saves is Atticus – his soul, doing the right thing and all that – might make it worse for the race baiters…..

13 thoughts on “Well, they’re right, it does”

  1. Oh FFS. It was set in the 1930s, when black Americans needed a “white saviour”, were fucked if they didn’t have one and when being a “white saviour” was an extremely unpleasant thing to be. Yet Atticus does it, because, as you say, it was the right thing to do.

    What are the teachers saying? That the book would be OK if Atticus had joined the lynch mob and hung Tom Robinson from a tree?

  2. Instead, pupils will be given a new novel about the horrendous racist humour surrounding the shooting of Sasha Johnson: “To Mock Killing a Bird”.

  3. Andrew C said:
    “What are the teachers saying? That the book would be OK if Atticus had joined the lynch mob and hung Tom Robinson from a tree?”

    As a book, yes, because it fits their political ‘narrative’.

  4. How in God’s name do they find room for twentieth century American junk in the syllabus? How much Shakespeare have the young buggers read, how much Chaucer, how much of the poets from Dunbar onwards, how much Addison and Steele, how much of Miss Austen, how much Kingsley Amis, Greene, Wodehouse, …?

  5. Blimey Dearieme, is that your essential reading list? Can’t say I’ve heard of most, and only read Lucky Jim and Rightho Jeeves of the others. Oh, and Julius Caesar for English Lit O level, which I failed having not read the Thomas Hardy one which went with it.

  6. Mohave Greenie in Texas

    That is a very English list. How about adding in the likes of Mark Twain and Edgar Poe?

  7. Last time I remember TKAM coming up was when teachers were kicking up a fuss about it being removed from the curriculum, which was only set to happen in order to freshen up the list of books studied in schools. I think the fuss was entirely because the lazy twats couldn’t be arsed to read and teach new books.

  8. “Mark Twain and Edgar Poe”: oh boys will read those anyway – no need to do them at school. But WS and co will sometimes need explanation. And plays gain when different members of the class read out different parts.

  9. It’s a shit book anyway written in a self-consciously twee voice. As literature it’s somewhere down there with Little Women.

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