Well, yes, sorta

Leonardo da Vinci: new research discovers 14 living descendants of Renaissance master

And then again not so much:

Leonardo, who was probably gay, produced no children but he did have more than 20 half-brothers.

Descendants of his siblings perhaps. Which ain’t quite the same thing really.

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  1. Why is this placed under “Science”? Flatulent Tosspottery or Wishful Thinking would be the correct category.

  2. There’s a saying that geneticists would gladly lay down their lives for 2 full siblings or 8 first cousins. 20 half brothers is plenty to carry on da Vinci’s DNA.

  3. Interesting. I’m following the TV series ‘Leonardo’, but recognise that it is fiction which occasionally touches base with facts. I’m amazed at how much Leonardo looks like Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Ross Poldark and a Dwarf in The Hobbit – as well as a vampire!

    I was told (when visiting that part of Italy) that Lisa Ghirardelli died at Lagonegro in the S of Italy where her husband had estates, and in the series, there was a mention that he had property ‘in the South’. Did they have progeny? Might there be a touch of L d. V’s DNA in that line?

  4. “I didn’t know you had a half-brother. Same mother?”
    “Nah mate. Shark attack.”

  5. Theophrastus (2066)

    “20 half brothers is plenty to carry on da Vinci’s DNA.”

    It’s complicated, but genetic recombination or reshuffling after gametes merge can result in siblings having very different genetic combinations from each other and from their parents.

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