Well, yes, things do happen

Mr Khan said: “If we don’t get further Government support in December, there could still be a £500m gap this year and so I urge Ministers to treat TfL as they do the private rail operators, and commit to a long-term funding agreement. This is vital not only for the good of London, but for the whole country.”

A key pillar to the London mayor’s first five years in office was to freeze fares across the capital.

Don’t charge enough and you’ll run out of money. Funny that.

Eventually, of course, you end up running out of other peoples’ money too.

9 thoughts on “Well, yes, things do happen”

  1. They could just privatise TFL, and (just as important) remove all operational control and oversight from the poliscum.

  2. A friend of mine shared a photo of Theale station (near Reading), which looked nearly empty and said the train to London from Reading was about 30% full (it’s normally 100+% full at Reading). If that’s replicated across the network that’s going to have a significant effect on TfL business.

  3. Ah yes, the old scammer’s line that you giving me money will be beneficial to you “not only for the good of London, but for the whole country”.

  4. @BoM4 When I see trains going to/from Burnley I check to see how many passengers I can see. During the peak of the pandemic, they were nearly always empty. Now, the trains during the rush hour do have a few people, but nowhere near the levels I used to see a few years ago.

  5. Make Sad Dick work as a train driver 12hours a day 7 days a week. That will massively cut his time for talking shite and getting up to stupid stunts.

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