Well, yes, this is true

In Portugal, where the 14-day incidence is over 240, people hoping to check into a hotel or eat in a restaurant now have to present proof of vaccination or a negative test.

Night-time curfews have been reimposed in many municipalities, including in the tourist hotspot of the Algarve, where police say they are struggling to keep young people off the streets.

No one is taking a blind bit of notice of that curfew.

Further, yesterday we had a car parade – quite a common form of protest here – from the bar owners etc insisting that all restrictions need to be lifted immediately.

13 thoughts on “Well, yes, this is true”

  1. What a contrast are the liberty loving continentals to the British!

    Who said: he who will exchange liberty for safety will get neither liberty nor safety?

  2. From the quote, I was going to say “what Dennis said”, but maybe wogs down there have a bit more backbone than we seem to.

  3. Thousands turn out for a lockdown protest in London, no masks etc. and no outbreaks, no piles of dead bodies. Yet still the mugs think the lockdown pantomime is actually doing something.

  4. The shyte has been turned up to 11 here…

    You need proof of vaccination to get into just about anywhere…

    Nine businesses were fined €17,750 in total in the past 24 hours after some of their customers were found without a SafePass, among other things, police said on Sunday.

    More than 6,400 checks were carried out in all districts during the past 24 hours, police said, mainly in areas where presenting a SafePass is obligatory.

    SafePass being proof of vaccination, proof of having had Covid or a negative Covid test certificate…

    And the expats think it is wonderful…

  5. Here in the States I understand that the Kung Flu tests used to (perhaps still do) over-amplify traces of Kung Flu, which inflates the number of cases significantly, helping to “justify” lockdowns.

    Also, anyone who dies with Kung Flu is chalked up as a death from Kung Flu (supposedly including a motorcycle crash victim).

    Either or both of these true across the pond?

  6. Either or both of these true across the pond?

    Of course. It’s almost as if our politicians are reading from the same script as yours.

  7. @BiW Because they do? What the politicians read out is the Opinion of a very select circle of “Experts” who all check notes with each other to keep their new-found “relevance”.

    About 80% of the covid-scare is the grandvisier whispering in the ear of the satrap, who fills in the remaining 20% because they want to be re-elected, or are of an age where WuFlu does pose an actual risk to them..

    Starting with the silly idea that you can somehow control the spread of an endemic virus, up to the vastly exaggerated risk of the Indian variant. Especially since India/Pakistan have lined up 3 or 4 more greek letters by now. And that’s ignoring the other overpopulated slums in the world..

  8. What I find odd is the almost-religious belief in “proof” of a negative test. A negative test is only valid at the time of the test. Indeed, there have been reports (albeit rare) of persons testing negative subsequently found to have been infected during the testing process itself.

  9. @asiaseen, I’m surprised it is rare that people have been found to be infected during the testing process having seen quite a few videos by “auditors” & vloggers on YouTube where the staff hardly seem to wear a mask and do nothing in terms of disinfecting and cleanliness. When you hire people who know nothing about medical stuff and are typically out of work bouncers for nightclubs and are on minimum wage, then I would think you are going to see lots of positive cases.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Around 20% (it varies over time) of hospitalisations for Covid are people who either get infected in hospital or go in for something else, eg giving birth, get tested and are found to be “positive”. It doesn’t mean they have symptoms or or are infectious.

  11. It’s the entire problem with the redefinition of ‘case’ as the test doesn’t test for infection just presence, so I come into contact with a Covid carrier and my immune system happily gives it a kicking and I don’t become ill, can still for a short period test positive for Covid.
    A case is not supposed to just mean a positive test, you need to have symptoms of infection as well

  12. People are seeing through the shite. More and more unmasked faces in shops and no badges either. The bullshit is dying. The cocksucking state will try for vax pass now using the threat of renewed winter LD capers But econ dying and 13 million on NHS waiting list. A large proportion of UK has had enough and the state’s fear porn is only still working on the gutless 1/3 of dim cowardly mugs.

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