Why is anyone surprised?

“People hate influencers. They are so angry at us making money. It could be something crazy like just me walking my dog and people are just so angry.”

Sheldon claimed that the abuse predominantly came from adult women. “These are grown women with actually very good jobs and seemingly very good lives who are doing this,” she said.

Bitch is a gendered epithet, for good reason.

20 thoughts on “Why is anyone surprised?”

  1. Tim

    I think people do resent that people doing anything that is considered ‘not a real job’ merits such a high income. My response is ‘Good luck to them’ but I’m aware I could be viewed as an outlier.

    Not sure if you’ve seen the Ely loon’s post on the ‘Tories are racist’ but it’s a cracker – if you have the time…

  2. On second thoughts hold the beer – the one on the TJN is even better – 24 carat gold: Just a sample:

    I have not dedicated two decades of my life to issues around tax justice to now ignore the fact that tax justice is itself now in crisis, in my opinion. Nor will I, as I have been rather directly told to do, shut up on this issue to ensure that the tax justice teams with whom I have disagreement can carry on with unruffled feathers. I did not take on tax havens, the Big 4, ministers in a lot pf places, and others, or suffered all the abuse I did along the way to now be told to shut up by the tax justice movement when they are now appearing to be the party seeking to maintain the race to the bottom in tax and the perpetuation of tax competition, which I think they are doing. I will instead speak truth to power that I think is abusing it wherever I think it might be.

  3. The juxtaposition of social influencers & the P3 certainly gets the mid working overtime. M&S check shirt & cardigan. What the cutting edge political economist is wearing today.

  4. But right after Em said some people are just so angry she said “there’s this 1% of people who report people every single day.” Report? huh? So its not really the verbal abuse, sure that’s a downside, but plenty of jobs carry aggro, its the people availing themselves of the platform’s protection mechanisms, rightly, dubiously or wrongly.
    my guess is the job is stressful as hell, and one of the biggest stresses is the prospect of the platform tweaking their algorithm and you go from hero to zero overnight.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    Bitch is a gendered epithet

    Well there’s that but also that what “influencers” influence is the shopping behaviour of the influenced who subscribe and aspire to the “influencer’s” social media lifestyle.

    Men are probably less susceptible to this kind of thing and so less likely to follow (and hence resent) “influencers”.

  6. In the case of the successful influencers I would also say good luck to them too. I think that the annoying people are the wannabe influencers who are constantly trying to blag stuff for free because they have a few hundred followers.

  7. People generally dislike salesmen. People seriously dislike pushy salesmen.
    People really dislike pushy salesmen whose only spiel is “Look At Meeeeee!!”..

    So yeah… Quelle surprise.. Such shock.. much non-commiseration.

    I can respect a salesman with a spiel that makes me want to buy whatever tat (s)he’s pushing. Like a good conman, there’s skill and effort in the Spiel.
    But an “Influencer”? Bugg’roff…

  8. Yeah Grikath> But you don’t make women buy something by selling it’s good points. You make them feel guilty about not buying it

  9. @ TMB
    That is part of it but another factor is that men spend far less on clothes and other fashion goods. Certain women can make a profitable lifestyle from promoting fashion goods – clothes, handbags, footwear (I’m not going to call all of them shoes), perfumes …. Men, not so much: superstars can boost their high incomes by advertising stuff but a nobody cannot.

    I don’t even know who the male “influencers” are – do you? Would you be bothered to write a rude tweet if some twat tried to get you to buy pink lycra flesh-hugging “trousers”?

  10. Male influencers exist. A friend is one, although only as a hobby. Still earns him thousands for something he enjoys doing though.

    He reviews new foods and drinks. There are others who cover alcoholic drinks, cars etc.

    A big difference is that there are actual differences in what they sell. Food, drink, beer etc can’t be faked.

    Female influencers tend to be selling goods that are effectively identical except for the social cachet given by association to famous people. That is always going to make it more bitchy, because the whole thing is a house of cards.

    Travel influencing is a big trade too. Both sexes do that. The photography is massively important.

  11. “there’s this 1% of people who report people every single day.”

    Now being a devious sort of person, I’m guessing the 1% are other social media influencers trying to queer her pitch. And that never occurs to her when she reports the other influencers when trying to queer theirs. For, through long experience, I know how women’s minds work.

  12. “Male influencers exist. A friend is one, although only as a hobby. Still earns him thousands for something he enjoys doing though.”

    I guess a guy I know could possibly be called an influencer. He started out making himself a bushcraft knife out of an old file and posted some videos of his experiments in knifemaking on Youtube. He got better at it and posted more videos of his subsequent attempts. Then people started wanting him to make knives for them, and he now makes a living doing that (his knives are amazing handmade creations and sell for £250+ each). He was also into wild camping and starting posting a few videos of his camps, which became very popular, to the extent he gets sent bits of camping kit by retailers to try out in his videos. He also posts videos of his other hobbies including paramotoring and riding his Royal Enfield motorbike to various parts of the UK.

    I guess the success is down to his authenticity, he actually likes and is knowledgeable about the activities he posts about, and would do them anyway, regardless of the money the videos bring in.

  13. @ Jim
    Well, yeah.
    Just as David Beckham would still have played football if his adverts didn’t sell clothes.
    There is a difference between real people and “influencers”

  14. BiS- i reckon you’re on to something there, disapproval doesn’t feel quite enough motivation, but competition is more than enough. A cynical question from the journo could completely change the story here.

  15. So what we’ve learned is that women can be catty, jealous and fight like dervishes with each other.

    Something that surely has been obvious to everyone who attended High School?

  16. @Jim and you didn’t include his channel name so you’re not helping your friend by promoting his channel. 🙂

  17. Here’s an example today which i reckon proves BIS’s competition theory, behind all the bitchiness.

    A subset of the people who make up dance moves for songs on TICTOK are african USians and a subset of that subset pointedly didn’t make up dance moves for the latest rappers song (THOT SHIT) because other people i.e. (not of their race) on the internet have been known to copy things.

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