Why, the beasts, the beasts!

Far-right accused of aiding German floods clear-up to win support


Far-right groups in Germany including Covid vaccine opponents and supporters of the rightwing, populist AfD party are reportedly attempting to win support by offering assistance to salvage operations in flood-stricken parts of the country.

About 30,000 people remain homeless or without water and electricity in large parts of the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate as a result of the floods that devastated swathes of Germany just under two weeks ago.

An investigation by a team of reporters on the ground for the news weekly Der Spiegel found that social media channels operated by the so-called Querdenker (lateral thinker) organisation, which includes vaccination opponents and preppers (people who prepare for catastrophic events), have put out calls for helpers to travel to Ahrweiler in Rhineland-Palatinate, one of the worst-hit areas.

How could they?

Do something to help in order to gain a reputation as people helping?

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    There’s also been reports of those Querdenkers attacking volunteers but there’s no evidence and it seems to be the usual social media attacks by their enemies:

    Flood area: THW reports attacks on helpers

    The Koblenz police responded to the THW spokeswoman’s allegations on Twitter. “We ourselves only found out about this alleged incident from the media and checked it immediately with the THW and our police forces,” tweeted the Koblenz police at 11:24 am. She could not confirm the descriptions, but showed solidarity with the helpers. “Should the police become aware of such an incident, we will take immediate and decisive action against it. Attacking our helpers is simply not possible! ”Was the conclusion of the officials on site.


  2. which includes … preppers (people who prepare for catastrophic events)

    Shock! Someone prepared for catastrophic events offers to help others in a catastrophic event!

    In this country you quite often see Land Rover drivers offer to help out when there’s an inch of snow. Despite the demonisation the other 51 weeks of the year.

  3. “preppers (people who prepare for catastrophic events)”

    So people who prepare for catastrophic events are in a position to help out when a catastrophic event happens. Who’d have thought it?

  4. “preppers (people who prepare for catastrophic events)”

    When did this become a bad thing? Surely we all do to some extent and some are prepared for more than others

  5. “Volkskraft voraus” (people power to the fore) is among the slogans being used.

    All decent folk know that ‘People Power’ is bad and that power should only be exercised by a self-appointed permanent elite class.

    Perhaps the ‘ Far-Right’ (Lol) should instead engage in raping, looting and murdering the survivors, after all, that sort of behaviour seems to gain the favour of the Establishment; at least when carried out by the ‘ New Germans’.

  6. As ever the Left project. They know they only ever offer political support to any group in society as a way to get power, they have no interest in the actual group wellbeing at all, whether it be the working class, women, immigrants, gays etc etc. So they assume that the Right are the same.

  7. The left: oh my God the world is heading for catastrophe!
    Also the left: anyone who prepares for catastrophe is far right!

  8. It would seem that you can now attack anything by labelling it far right. A list of far-right foods to be avoided for a healthy diet can only be just around the corner.

  9. I’m sure the “team of reporters on the ground for the news weekly Der Spiegel” mucked in and helped out. That is when they weren’t too busy demonising people who gave up time and money to help the homeless as literally Hitler.

  10. We’ve saved up enough to keep us going for at least 9 months at normal spending rates if I lose my job. Am I “prepper”?

  11. This is only to be expected given the successful precedent of denouncing Israel for pink-washing. First they came for the Jews, now they’ve come for the Nazis…

  12. Lurker said:
    “preppers (people who prepare for catastrophic events)” … “When did this become a bad thing? Surely we all do to some extent and some are prepared for more than others”

    This is ‘bad’ because it is individual or private preparation. Instead we should all trust the Courageous State to prepare to protect us. There will not of course be enough protection for everyone, but it must all be organised by the State so that it can be allocated in an egalitarian manner.

  13. SadButMadLad said”
    “We’ve saved up enough to keep us going for at least 9 months at normal spending rates if I lose my job. Am I “prepper”?”

    You’re a wealthy bourgeois saver. And probably a hoarder. Your assets will be reallocated to the more deserving and you will be re-educated.

  14. Anyone even using the Marxist jargon phrase “far right” is Marxist scum or a stooge of Marxist scum

  15. @RichardT You don’t want to see my garage or my workshop or our spare bedroom then. 🙂

  16. After my last car died the current motor is too small to carry my usual grit, sacks, brush, shovel kit. Yesterday I felt really guilty driving past a couple of cars that had smashed at the side of the road at not getting out and clearing the debris off the carriageway to make it safe for passing traffic.

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