Yeah, court in handcuffs, so normal for tax issues, right?

Trump Organisation CFO Allen Weisselberg appears in NY court in handcuffs accused of tax fraud
Mr Weisselberg on Thursday said he will plead not guilty and fight criminal tax charges against him, it was reported


The Trump Organization and its longtime chief financial officer on Thursday pleaded not guilty to tax evasion charges in a New York court, in a widening criminal case against Donald Trump’s business that could complicate his political future.

The charges focus on whether Allen Weisselberg and other company executives received benefits and perks such as rent-free apartments, private school fees and cars, without reporting them properly on their tax returns.

“This was a 15-year long tax fraud scheme involving off-the-books payments,” said Assistant District Attorney Carey Dunne, adding that Mr Weisselberg is accused of not paying taxes on $1.7 million (£1.3m) in income.

Umm, yeah:

Treasury Secretary-nominee Timothy Geithner has told a Senate panel at his confirmation hearing that his failure to pay $34,000 in taxes was a careless mistake. Despite questioning from lawmakers on the issue, Geithner has wide support from both parties.

No politics here then, none at all.

15 thoughts on “Yeah, court in handcuffs, so normal for tax issues, right?”

  1. Total elimination of the Donald is the objective. They are prepared to do anything and will big up the slightest (or even non-existent) slip to ensure their aim. A quick look at this shows it is being blown up out of all proportion.

    They must be really frightened of him and it does, with all the other ‘evidence’, make an impartial observer wonder about his election loss.

  2. Geithner has wide support from both parties.

    Imagine still thinking there are two parties tho.

    The obvious ham-fisted abuse of government power is less dangerous than the more insidious cultural revolution that’s being forced on the American people (and by extension their satellites and satraps such as ourselves) with the gusto of a Viagra-crazed Bill Clinton at Epstein island.

    Because the Feds can’t jail or murder everybody, but Big Tech, Big Media and Big Banks can, will and are throwing their weight around to punish millions of kulaks for expressing the wrong opinions and ensure that the only democratic choices available to them are pre-approved by the Establishment.

    If you told a time traveller from 1980 that TPTB would, just 40 years later, be enforcing a cult of worshipping black criminals, mutilating the flesh and celebrating mentally ill perverts, and stripping away your basic rights and freedoms in the name of Canutian climate scams and the Dreaded Lurgy, he’d probably punch you in the balls.

  3. After six years of relentless digging for dirt, this is the most they could find. The Donald must be the cleanest man in politics.

  4. Wesselberg refused to perjure himself by spouting the prepared ‘Trump wot did it’ lines they’d written for him.
    They’ll never let him go for refusing.

  5. If the issue is people receiving income-as-benefits without declaring it, why aren’t *they* the ones being prosecuted for not declaring it. You can’t expect a donor to declare a recipients income for them, they have no idea what the recipients’ income is. They’re prosecuting an employer for a worker shoplifting.

  6. @bilbaoboy
    it does, with all the other ‘evidence’, make an impartial observer wonder about his election loss.
    Fiddling with the election votes or counts is not actually a proven. But with the ’16 election winner having a campaign run against him over the full 4 years of his term by the majority of the mainstream media, much of big business, the entirety of academia & the state machinery that is actually supposed to deliver government, foreign affairs, justice & all the other things voters democratically elect governments to provide. And for virtually anyone who’d supplant him, unquestioned, it’s certainly not now anything anyone would recognise as a democratic process.
    Starting to look like the only way to restore democracy to the States would be via an outright coup. Tanks on the streets, internment in education camps for the usual suspects, one way helicopter rides for difficult cases. Be messy & bloody but amputations of diseased limbs usually are.
    UK’s probably not quite as far down that road but it’s only a matter of time. The next government it elects may be the last one. EU? It provided the routemap.

  7. Funny how the IRS, which has been auditing the Trump organisation forever, never found a thing.

  8. Like the two impeachments and other accusations of collusion with the Russians, racism, anti-semitism, it is not a realistic hope of proving wrongdoing, it is about the process to harass Trump, to throw mud and see how much might stick, to cause maximum embarrassment, defamation, aggravation and distraction.

  9. And yet Trump if he had the foresight, should have seen this coming and done something about it.

    He was the only person in a position to do something about it and didn’t.

    Just like our own bonfire of the Quangos. See how long it’s taken to implement the boundary review?

  10. And yet Trump if he had the foresight, should have seen this coming and done something about it.

    What exactly could he have done about it? Without having the support of, and indeed with the active obstructionism of, the Establishment/ Deep State/ Permanent Government, it’s simply not possible for significant change to happen. Donald Trump never had that support.
    This is the main reason why things that do change only ever seem to change in one direction; the direction that the Establishment want and which benefits that Establishment, and never in the direction that the people want or that benefits the people.

    The whole point of the harassment and prosecutions of Trump associates and Trump supporters is: ‘ pour encourager les autres’.

  11. Thomas William Fuller

    You do remember Leona Helmsley, right? Rich duckies have been going to jail for long sentences for this kind of crime for a very long time. And the IRS is slower than molasses. They might have caught up to Trumpco in a decade or so.

  12. If this is New York State tax won’t the payments have to have been to New York residents and as you can ask employer not to deduct tax wouldn’t letters of authority from the employees negate any liability the company has?
    Unlike the U.K. PAYE type schemes aren’t mandatory everywhere

  13. it is about the process to harass Trump, to throw mud and see how much might stick, to cause maximum embarrassment, defamation, aggravation and distraction.

    Probably, but it is self-defeating. The mainstream political actors all want Trump off the stage, and yet he keeps appearing in headlines because of nonsense like this. It keeps him in the public eye.

  14. It’s probably an attempt to neutralize him before the next elections.

    If they manage to get something to stick to him personally then he no longer has a shot at the nomination for presidency in 2024.

    It’s also an attempt to influence and narrow the type of candidate that the Republicans are likely to field – how dare the GOP have a candidate for President that doesn’t cave on every leftist issue going?

    If they succeed then Republican senators will cuck on every issue going – pretty much as they have always done pre Trump.

  15. @jgh – in the UK if you give an employee a taxable benefit-in-kind, you are obliged to report this to HMRC just as you must report if you give money. You then issue the employee with a P11D form at the end of the tax year showing the total value paid. If the employee has more than one employment, they will usually need to fill out a tax return, showing all their sources of income so that the correct total tax is paid.

    I assume the same applies in New York. If either employer or employee is honest and the other is not, the other would be caught by the fact that both are supposed to be reporting the same figures. So since the charges cover such a long time, I would assume that the allegation is that employees were getting taxable benefit which neither they nor their employer were reporting.

    However, I have heard so many stories about American law enforcement and plea bargaining, that I know that the threat of charges can be used to make someone incriminate others, so we’ll have to wait and see what it all means in this case.

    The reference to both larceny and tax fraud makes me wonder if it’s an attempt to defeat a defence to either alone – if the actions were permitted by the organisation, it’s tax fraud by the organisation, if they were not then its larceny by the officer doing it.

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