Yes, I know they will have corrected for this

At least I bloody well hope they will have done:

Climate change may cause humans to become smaller as the planet continues to warm, according to a new study.

Scientists used more than 300 fossils to track how human bodies have fluctuated in size over thousands of years.

They found a clear link that people living in colder environments were larger, while people in warmer regions were smaller.

This trend continues today, the scientists add, with people in colder parts of the planet tending to be bigger than those in warmer places. For example, the average Dutch man is 6ft tall, whereas the average Indian man is just 5ft 5inches tall.

You’ve got to control for GDP. Which is a reasonable proxy for the adequacy of childhood nutrition. You know, stunting? That 6 inches shorter that the soldiers were than the officers in 1914?

As it happens the tropics tend to be the poor parts of the world these days…..

23 thoughts on “Yes, I know they will have corrected for this”

  1. Wot a lot of be bollox.
    The last century was the first one in which whole populations could overcome natural obstacles to growth and strength. It being a few degrees warmer just means that we in Britain will eat more mangoes and fewer turnips. The Angel Delight factories will be unaffected.

  2. Sounds like bollocks. What would be the evolutionary mechanism? In the post globally warmed dystopia they’ve been selling the larger, stronger would be better equipped to wrest the essentials of life from the smaller, weaker. Humans will be breeding for 7 footers. Jockeys will be extinct.

  3. On a more serious note, heat dissipation? Surface are rises by the square whilst volume by the cube. Smaller humans have an evolutionary advantage in hot, humid climates? Larger humans in cold climates?

  4. It’s always intrigued me why the Dutch are such tall fuckers when not so far away from the Netherlands that’s not the case. is it somehow linked with porn films?

  5. The Meissen Bison

    @BF – I think it’s that the short ones drown. The particular stimulus you mention, I am told, leads to blindness.

  6. In terms of scientific accuracy that piece is on a par with “The moon is made of cheese and you can fly there on the back of a swan.”

    Dinka are bigger than Dutchmen, don’t these lying fuckers have google?

  7. The smaller you are the bigger your surface area to volume ratio. You you have more cold area per volume creating heat. So smaller people die faster in the cold.

  8. I have not heard of people (at least the adequately fed ones) being taller in the 18th century (Little Ice Age).
    OTOH increasing numbers of vegans will reduce average heights and weights. But that’s nothing to do with temperature.

  9. I’m pleased to see the advanced tropical countries – SG and HK being taller than their nearest neighbours. Also Ireland coming in ahead of the UK. With NL being up there and Snippa declaring they are tax abusers I can only conclude that tax havens make you taller.

  10. Bravefart
    The size of the Dutch is linked to the Hunger Winter off ’44-45, I’m told. By epigenetics, supposedly.
    It was an exceptionally cold winter, as well as a famine.

  11. “Bravefart, in Belgium shortness is caused by a constant diet of moules et frites.”

    I somehow doubt this. I’m quite keen on moules. In an english restaurant you might get a dozen. Here in Spain you get about the same covered in a disgusting sauce. The restaurant I prefer in Belgium presents you with a marmite containing 2kg cooked in a little white wine & a plate 18 inches across piled with crisp frites. Finish them & you’re provided with another plate full. A kilo is regarded as a child’s portion. But then most restaurant meals in Flemish Belgium are of similar proportions. It’s a wonder all Belgians aren’t 25 stone. Although, come to think of it, seeing the women attending Ieper market…. It’s said that a Flemish farmer, when looking for a wife, seeks a woman – who if the horse is sick – can pull a plough. Carrying the horse.

  12. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)


    Mean adult human volume does not increase as the cube of height though. It’s a square and a bit. Why the BMI uses square, and dosing BSA uses square root of height. It’s not spot on but close enough and easy to use.

  13. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Also the modern, corrected GFR estimates of course.

    Look, I think all of this comes from measurements done of French soldiers during the Napoleonic wars, something like that. It’s one of those sciency things that might need re-evaluations periodically. Unquestionably mean girth has increased recently and BMI wiht it but I suspect that is more down to central heating and 50 years of Ancel Keys bullshit than the popularity of Bugry. The error is considering everything outside a mean and 2 standard deviations around said mean to be pathological, rather than an indication that you should merely consider looking a bit closer at whether the individual has a problem. And if said individual is a Welsh prop forward, you conclude he probably has much, much bigger problems than his bigness.

  14. Dutch, fairly tall. Inuit, not so tall.
    Dinka, pretty tall. Pygmies, not so tall.

    Is this one of these bollocks studies where if you did not draw a correlation line through the scatter plot – it would look like a random scatter plot ?

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