Yes, obviously,

A former Labour MP sexually assaulted an aide in his Westminster office and fired her when she refused his advances, an employment tribunal has ruled.

Mike Hill, the former Hartlepool MP, was found to have repeatedly harassed his parliamentary staff member, and climbed into her bed and rubbed against her.

Mr Hill sexually assaulted the woman at work on more than one occasion, and victimised her when she rejected him by changing her employment terms and conditions then making her redundant.

Book ‘Im, Danno!

She said in her witness statement that Mr Hill had been her friend for several years when he suggested she moved to London to work in politics, and they live together in a flat to cut costs.

In September 2017, she claimed that he told her he loved her. When she rejected him, she claims he apologised and said he still wanted her to work and live with him in Pimlico, central London.

He continued to pursue her when they moved in together, the tribunal heard.

Perhaps not the wisest of moves…..

8 thoughts on “Yes, obviously,”

  1. I once shared a flat with another bloke. We advertised for a third; the pleasantest applicant was female, a charming nurse. We offered her the room. She was just as agreeable as she’d seemed but unfortunately fell head over heels for the other bloke. He didn’t feel the same about her. I liked them both. Each used me as a shoulder to cry on. It became awkward.

  2. One of those cases where the correct outcome was achieved and there is no excuse for his behaviour, but you do still go ‘what the hell were you thinking’
    Rather like the Alex Salmond case where the aide didn’t think anything about him suggesting they go and work in his bedroom. At some point alarm bells have to kick in even though that’s no excuse for what was subsequently done, but you do have to wonder how people put themselves into such awkward situations in the first place.
    Recall years ago a woman coming back from a business trip and telling the story of how the manager had booked a room for them to share, something she made clear wasn’t going to happen at the reception desk and the story haunted him to the point he left within 6 months.

  3. I didn’t get where I am today by blathering on about old catchphrases.

    Democracy works fine. It’s giving the vote to every fuckwit that can hold a pencil in its grubby paw that’s the problem.

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