Yes, of course, mistakes will happen, but…..

People who have been double jabbed face missing out on holidays abroad because NHS errors mean their second vaccination has not been recorded.

A Telegraph investigation has found that a number of people who have had two doses say they have no official proof, despite repeated efforts to resolve problems with NHS records.

Health officials said errors could happen if vaccine centre staff failed to press a final “save” after inputting data, or if fields were not filled in correctly.

Well done to the NHS.

On the other hand, that all controlling computerised panopticon isn’t going to arrive anytime soon, is it – because GIGO.

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  1. In what way is getting crapped on because of garbage data better than getting crapped on because of accurate data?

  2. On the other hand, that all controlling computerised panopticon isn’t going to arrive anytime soon, is it – because GIGO.

    They’ll just get Tuttle confused with Buttle and flag you as a terrorist for flouting Lockdown XVIII when the Delta-Omicron-Cloaca-Z37b variant hits

  3. I find it odd that there is very little discussion in the news about the eu vaccine passport system. From what I can gather it is well advanced and sophisticated. I think it highly likely that Boris has been told that the uk must have a compatible system if there is to be travel, hence his badly timed announcement of the passport for clubs.

    Somebody should give these fuckwits a book about prohibition. Do you want illegal drinking clubs and the crime that goes with? Because that’s where you’re going.

    Not to mention that an illegal with a vaccine passport will have more rights than an Englishman in his own land.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but not one of these so-called laws has been challenged in court. They are the legal versions of castles in the air, wishful thinking. And quite apart from Parliament’s presumption that its powers are subject to no constitutional limit, they rely on an emergency provision, and it’s hard to see how that applies any more.

    Remember Clarence Willcock.

  5. Hard to see how they got it wrong. When I went for my jabs they checked and re-checked my name, date of birth, and various numbers several times over.

    My guess is that it’s a local problem to that site – some member of staff not correctly using the system.

  6. All this is going to fall apart when they finally recognize that ‘2jabs’ does not confer immunity, at all. Zilch. The 95% efficiency is rubbish and not related to immunity.

    Last year, the virus had gone by now. No ‘vaccines’. What’s the variable this year? Oh, vaccines!

    Incidentally, the virus IS seasonal and has gone away (LIKE ALL THE OTHERS) yet the hospitalizations are rising. Very interesting things to think about there.

    Transmission and resurgence are still a mystery but this is an interesting theory that fits. Would also explain why flu gets pushed to one side (if, in fact, that actually happened).

  7. I was wondering, should these damned-things find their way into general use (which is looking more and more likely) and eventually you’ll need one if you want to go to the local butcher etc., would I have a case to make of discrimination? I’ve not been jabbed so will not be able to get a “passport” – instead I’ve had the actual disease – proven by a good range of symptoms, a couple of positive tests (for what that’s worth) and a positive antibody test.

    If page 1 of just about every textbook on immunology is to be believed I have a better level of immunity than that achieved by the type of vaccines being used against C19 – because of the way the immune system chops viruses up whilst overcoming it it “learns” more protein strings than it can when presented with a tightly-targeted “spike protein” and nowt else – this is why people who recovered from SARS-1 some 20 years ago still show an immune response to SARS-2, there’s about an 80% similarity between the two and the immune system is capable of recognising some of those shared protein strings.

    I find the idea of “covid passports” totally abhorrent, it’s obviously a gateway to something far wider and more oppressive, but if life becomes intolerable without one there should be a method of getting one based on prior recovery from the illness, not having to bung vaccines into oneself to achieve precisely bugger-all in health terms.

  8. @bilbaoboy – July 21, 2021 at 10:20 am

    Incidentally, the virus IS seasonal and has gone away (LIKE ALL THE OTHERS) yet the hospitalizations are rising. Very interesting things to think about there.

    I have a suspicion that hospitalisations rising is more a function of delayed admission of people with serious illnesses that should have been seen much earlier but weren’t “because Covid”, who then have the misfortune to contract Covid whilst in hospital (hospitals appear to be the #1 vector for the illness) and are then counted as “Covid cases” – or “Covid deaths” should they have the ultimate misfortune to succumb to their initial ailment.

    Good for keeping the scary numbers up.

  9. In the US people like to joke that the Dems want to introduce Covid passports while objecting to voter ID.

    Will Sir Kneel Starmer go for the same nonsense?

  10. Yet Another Chris

    @rhoda klapp
    By an odd coincidence, I’ve been sorting out some old paperwork – filed in the attic since we moved here three decades ago. Although I wasn’t born until 1949, I had to have an ID card (and ration book), both of which my mother kept! Maybe I’ll need them again when we turn into a fascist state.

    On the ‘pingdemic’ thing, one of our daughters works for a local authority in a frontline position. Her boss has told her, and all her colleagues, to delete the NHS app, because too many were having to isolate. In her job she has weekly Chinese virus tests anyway so the app is pointless.

    I’ve never bothered with the app, myself, as I don’t like the thought of anyone tracking me – all location data is turned off on my phone too.

  11. @Andrew M, hen I went for my first jab, the nurse who handled me couldn’t find me on the NHS system. After 10 minutes someone came along to look at the issue. Turns out the nurse was entering my name in the wrong field.

  12. At home with second COVID illness I am starting to wonder whether they are worried as it’s an endemic mutating virus that makes lots of people very sick over and over again. And thus we will be seeing cycles like Jan every year even in those who got it before.

    And what is happening in China? No news at all from there about lockdowns, vaccinations or anything…. Is COVID only a Western disease?

  13. @AndrewAgain

    No, the Chinese have been going into lockdown again and again since last year.

    As have the Aussies etc. The closing borders and locking stuff down approach only worked when we had a chance of eradicating it – as happened to SARS and MERS. It’s become endemic and the only solution is to allow it to rip through the population and reduce the hospitalization rate through vaccinations of the vulnerable.

  14. Not had the jab nor ever will.

    Don’t go to sports stadia at all or night clubs much.

    Obvious why Blojob thinks to start with them. Cant argue with turnstiles in the former and the latter have bouncers.

    So go to illegal raves rather than nightclubs and play rather than watch sport.

    If you sign up for the vax pass shite there will be an endless series of demands–starting with 3rd jab and winter flu jab also. And anything else the scummy state wants to put on you.

    This is their plan for ultimate scope of the digital identity wallet. Which they will merge with the vax pass and lo social credit tyranny.

    If we crawl to this shite we will have justly earned our own enslavement.

  15. Ken–That is a load of bullshit. One person has died in Aus this year I believe and all the rest is false positive test casedemic bullshit powergrabbing. Some of you lads are too clever for your own good.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ I find it odd that there is very little discussion in the news about the eu vaccine passport system”

    I’ve just seen on the France24 Twatter feed that they now need the passport for cultural sites eg museums.

    No sign of any discussion in Germany that I’ve seen. I suspect the Osties will tell them to fuck off if it gets proposed.

  17. The Meissen Bison

    No sign of any discussion in Germany that I’ve seen. I suspect the Osties will tell them to fuck off if it gets proposed.

    Vaccine passports are a form of coercion and coercion is verboten under the terms of the Nuremberg Code.

    It’s hardly surprising that the country that has Mengele’s skeleton (and those of his little helpers) in its medcine cupboard should tread warily.

    Interestingly, the Ossies remain largely untainted by Nazi guilt thanks to the Ivans propaganda in the workers’ and peasants’ republic.

  18. Roué: the UK Vax passport system uses the same standards as the EU one. Search for ‘hcert-spec’ on the vaccine/test result data is coded up to work as a QR code and signed by a NHS key. Whether this is accepted in EU will depend on the politicians agreeing to accept NHS-signed data and the various check apps in the EU being able to validate the NHS key. That last might be a bigger barrier than political agreement.

  19. Tractor Gent,
    Thanks for that. Seems to me the gov is trying to give the misleading impression that this is just a little local system, when actually the uk is preparing to join the far-reaching eu system.

  20. Well, at the moment the specs just talk about vaccine data, test data and, presumably, antibody test data to indicate that you have had and recovered from Covid. No doubt it could be expanded to other stuff but it’s it is just a health domain currently and there is a limit on what can fit in the QR. Mine is a version 17 code – 85×85 which can hold a few hundred bytes of data depending on the error correction level.

    I think they are just using a developed spec for ease of implementation, which just happens to be EU, but commonality with an EU system would be pragmatic, since the majority of personal visits from UK will be to the EU. Tourist traffic will significantly outweigh business traffic.

  21. Interesting to see you have that QR thing in the UK as well. Since I bought the cheapest possible phone, mine won’t take it.

    So at the local library, or the hospital, they write me down instead.

  22. I am amazed by our response to covid. We allow people to travel and move freely through society (or we did) without being vaccinated for measles, mumps, rubella, small pox, or polio. Some people don’t vaccinate their kids for these diseases due to complicating factors like immune-deficiencies, and some because they are misinformed about the vaccines.
    All of these diseases are much more transmissible than covid, and all of them have far worse outcomes – both in terms of the lifetime impact and the fatality rate. Why on earth has this not-particularly-troubling virus somehow become the greatest health threat ever, and one that justifies such restrictions on what we used to think of as normal life?

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