How can anyone be this stupid?

Sociologists have long been interested in the concept of preferences, whether they’re favorite foods or people we’re attracted to. Preferences may appear natural or inherent, but they’re actually shaped by larger structural forces – the media we consume, the people we know and the experiences we have.

The guy’s trying to explore racism within gay dating.

If you told him that being gay were not inherent or natural but was, in fact, shaped by larger structural forces he would denounce you as a hater.

But he insists that a preference for the same race – or another one even – is not innate or natural but is only shaped by larger structural forces.

Insisting upon mutually contradictory beliefs is a sign of mental imbalance, no?

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  1. Hold on, I thought the current Woke Dogma was that it was racist to date other races. Evil imperialist white men raping defenseless china dolls. Now it’s good? I need a loose-leaf binder to keep track. I’ve only ever been attracted to HKes and Japanese, am I racist or pluralist? Was I good or evil when my HK wife and I divorced? And it’s fundamental that people can identify as whoever they want, and it’s physical assault to deny that. I identify as Hongkonger.

  2. Sociologists have also long been interested in devising the most outlandish theories, hypotheticals and analyses to explain one or another of their aberrant views of mankind.

  3. But is the racial preference different for gays and straights?
    And does it vary between nations?

    And overall, so what? Or is it proposed that society be restructured so that racial preferences in dating are somehow banned?
    “Your account shows that you swiped the wrong way too often! Report for re-education!”

  4. @ El Draque:

    And overall, so what?

    Every aspect of your life is to be critiqued and altered, by force if necessary, if it doesn’t conform.
    See also: trannies insisting that not wanting to have sex with them is transphobia.

  5. Maybe the rumours about the size of African manhood are conducive to some eye-watering imaginings when swiping through Grindr.

  6. @Tom Another proof that sir PTerry is the Next Prophet.

    Now let’s enumerate his wisdom into quotes….

    (and let the fanatics fight over what is the *exact* chronology of Discworld… )

    Oh and stuff… But let’s try to fit mrs.** Weatherwax in first before we proceed…)

    I think I got that one correctly. The engerlish system of denoting status for females is more convoluted than the japanese…)

  7. Bloke in North Dorset


    Given the replication crisis in psychology I’ll treat those findings null and void until all the links have been replicated and the replications peer reviewed.

    Oh, hang on, there’s also a peer review crisis.

  8. @ jgh
    I identify as Hongkonger.
    Please report to the NatInsec Poo-Poos for correction. The word “Hongkonger” is now banned by the CCP I learnt this morning.

  9. These people are all mad, malicious and moronic to a greater or lesser degree. There isn’t much point in trying to work out which is the most significant driver of their views and behaviour.

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