But the pandemic isn’t driving calls

Meat wars: why Biden wants to break up the powerful US beef industry
As the pandemic drives calls for a radical overhaul of the food system, can the president take on the meat giants?

The pandemic is an excuse, not a reason.

Essentially, what’s going on here is that the progressives want to be able to replace simple and set laws about antitrust with bureaucratic caprice. Because that’s what increases the power of the progressives of course.

8 thoughts on “But the pandemic isn’t driving calls”

  1. And will it take 20 years for the forces of beef to be marching unopposed up Pennsylvania Avenue? Rather less, I would think.

  2. From a glance at the article, it looks like the retailers may well start their own meat packing competition. No doubt the complaint will then be that wicked Walmart has strangled the independent packers to raise prices.

    The only cause of price rises mentioned in the article is the covid lockdowns.

  3. Sounds reasonable. Presumably there are no more egregious examples of monopoly/cartel power in the US today?

  4. The power of the purchase order is significant, as contracts with major retailers are both extremely competitive and lucrative.

    Tough for it to be simultaneously both, but Grauniad.

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