Buying stuff on the never never is warned against

Nicola Sturgeon is facing fresh scrutiny over her dealings with Sanjeev Gupta after the troubled steel tycoon failed to meet a pledge to set aside £55m for Britain’s last aluminium smelter.

Mr Gupta’s GFG Alliance struck a ­taxpayer-backed deal with Scottish ministers in 2016 for the Fort William smelter and associated hydropower plant for £330m.

Holyrood also handed the businessman a 114,000-acre Scottish hunting estate as part of the deal that is now held in an offshore company.

In return, Mr Gupta committed to making regular payments into a “project account” overseen by the Scottish government for the development of the business. A substantial “milestone ­payment” was due by March. Emails released under freedom of information laws now claim Mr Gupta had not made payment weeks later.

Selling stuff on the never never also seems to have its problems.

2 thoughts on “Buying stuff on the never never is warned against”

  1. What is particularly galling is that the othe Alu smelters fled the UK because of exhorbitant energy prices, caused by subsidies for “renewables” of which Wee Nicola Krankie us such a supporter.

  2. SNP socialistic scumbags created Police Scotland to be their Stasi and to ensure that it would NEVER knock on their corrupt doors.

    Bogus Johnson could stop all this as well as the 4 year old trannies shite –but he is woke scum who doesn’t want to.

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