It is time for change.


there is very obviously an urgent need for a strong fiscal stimulus

Lots more government spending.

Alongside that is the power that tax has to be used to mitigate the harm QE has caused.


What bloody change? We end up back in the 1970s with a high tax, high government spend, economy.

2 thoughts on “Change!”

  1. Tim

    I think you’re underplaying it – what he want is the QE directly monetized by the government(i.e taken out of the banks purview) – how this squares with his belief that Banks are the primary instrument of money creation he doesn’t seem fazed by but given his, and his acolytes total lack of any understanding of financial markets and how they work this is about as aurprising as Pope = Catholic as an equation.

    He then wants to confiscate the previous QE through retrospective taxation. This is a proposal that has been so thoroughly debunked you’d have to be effectively braindead to even consider it. The fact he has been pushing it since 2010 tells you all you need to know about his intellectual rigour. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more profoundly ignorant at the age of 60 plus, and certainly noone in an academic position at an ‘institution of higher education’

  2. Dennis, Dispensing Wisdom. Or Something.

    Dennis’ Daily Pearl of Wisdom:

    Any time any one says “It is time for a change” and they are not talking about the underwear on their body or the oil in their car, it is guaranteed they are talking shit.

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