Demands! Demands!

Importantly though, grants, of course, do not all go to large companies. Critically, if the Scottish government is serious it has to:

Demand that all companies with public grants publish their fill accounts on public record;
If they are a group full country-by-country reporting must be available on public record;
Ownership should be on public record;
There must be a tax governance policy in place;
It must be monitored and audited, annually;
That policy must require an explanation of the tax rate with workings supplied;
All cards must be face-up on the table;
No tax haven involvement should be permitted.
That is deliverable.

Those who collect charitable grants through an LLP don’t seem to be included on that tax rate bit. Wonder why?

6 thoughts on “Demands! Demands!”

  1. Given he has fallen out with the tax Justice Network so spectacularly, who will decide what constitutes a ‘tax haven’ – Murphy himself? the Fair Tax Mark? the Sustainable Cost Accounting Forum, The Green New Deal? Which sock puppet is the Arbiter?

  2. Or… we could abolish the ridiculous “Scottish Government” and get on with all our lives. Just a thought.

  3. @Sam Jones

    He is a man for whom the concept of shame is unknown/ unconsidered. I have to ask how desperate his financial situation is to be on the make almost 24/7?

  4. Can’t see anything on that list I’d disagree with. In fact it’s not nearly complete enough. The more disincentives there are to companies accepting government grants the better it looks.

  5. Dennis, Polishing The Ol' Crystal Ball

    Actually, given the present Scottish government, there’s probably a 50/50 chance of it happening.

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