Doping at the Olympics

A quick thought. So, natal males can only compete if they are controlling their testosterone levels down to some minimal number. OK, so that’s doping and it’s allowed because the absence of that testosterone reduces performance.

Going the other way, boosting testosterone, is very naughty and banned and gets you thrown out.


Which is proof of why we have the different classes, male and female, as the testosterone level matters, no?

The very acceptance of doping to get testosterone down is proof of the contention that male and female, biologically, are different.

12 thoughts on “Doping at the Olympics”

  1. IIRC, the levels that M2F competitors need to reach are still around 4-5 times the amount naturally occurring in female athletes, and indeed, if said females did test as high as the M2F level, they would be done for doping.


    Slightly O/T but is anyone else disappointed that the gold and bronze medalists in the women’s shot putt wouldn’t join in and dance the “Prince Charming” on the podium?

    After all ridicule is nothing to be scared of.

  3. So Old Mother Hubbard couldn’t lift 120kg. Bit ironic xe was in The Snatch, but you have to admit it took balls for xir to compete.

    It’s lucky ants can’t compete in the Olympics.

  4. Apparently the Olympics are trying to stop reporters from mentioning what sex competitors were born as. Yet they are ‘celebrating’ their participation as trans athletes, which surely gives it away?

  5. There’s also the wider issue of therapeutic exemptions. They’re all at it. Simone Biles ostensibly lost her mojo from not taking her regular TE coz not allowed in japan for her condition.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    What’s not funny about this is that a real woman worked hard, made sacrifices, was supported by family and friends who also made sacrifices was denied the dream of a lifetime because some bloke can decide he’s a woman on a whim.

  7. All of the above are good reasons to waste no more time and money on the Marxist farce that the (mind) Games have become.

  8. What is needed is a reliable test for testosterone. Dropping the cacks & nads present yes/no? seems a perfectly good one to me. If some bloke wants to go to all the trouble of gelding & vaginal construction to put himself in the way of getting an Olympic bronze he’s just another sports nutter, no different from the rest.

  9. It seems to me that the present level of testosterone in a M->F athlete is not the only influencing factor. Surely, going through puberty and achieving some measure of adulthood as a male will equip the person with the muscle mass and skeletal advantages of a male, which presumably isn’t going to go away once the M&2V are removed.

  10. @Gunker: how could the athletic authorities do a woman for doping if her testosterone was (say) 8 but allow a trans ‘woman’ to compete with testosterone at the same level? Surely that would just open them up for a legal case for discrimination? Either trans ‘women’ are ‘real women’ or they aren’t. If they have different rules to the other (real) female competitors then they aren’t the same are they?

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