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Minnie Driver: ‘I got sick of being super‑famous’
The actress, 51,

Which bit do you like the most? The interview being given to celebrate not being famous? Or the 51 year old actress rationalising not being so famous?

Still, the Guinness joke was good.

17 thoughts on “Erm”

  1. Probably not sa I used to tell the joke before the movie wsa released……not that I wrote it either.

  2. “super‑famous”? Oh the woman in Good Will Hunting, didn’t know she still existed. Was she ever particularly famous?

  3. I’ve no idea who she is but I must say she looks awful in the first photo and much better in the one with her fella and son.

    There may be a lesson there.

    There’s probably another in “I did go in hard. That’s how I interact in relationships. It’s not confrontational it’s . . .”

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    She can’t have been that famous. My first reaction on reading this was that I though she was dead. Then I realised she was an actress I’ve never heard of and I’d been thinking of Minnie Ripperton.

  5. I recall her notoriety at one time for being an extraordinarily rude and unprofessional interviewee. Fame of a sort.

  6. She was sacked from The Beano because of her unreasonable behaviour.

    A Mr B Bear complained: “In the canteen she would grab all the sausages and mash and arrange them in a big pile on her plate…”

  7. I member Minnie Driver (probably Audi Driver now, amirite) but she was one of those late 90’s slebs nobody could explain. She wasn’t sexy or funny, and her face is literally the size of a full Moon.

    Btw Harvey Weinstein was right:

    Minnie Driver says Harvey Weinstein thought she wasn’t hot enough for ‘Good Will Hunting’

    “His exact words were, ‘You’re just not f***able.'”

    Free Harvey Weinstein, and he will free us.

    PS – Otto wins.

  8. I thought the pic was of David Coulthard in drag (although Gerry Anderson sprang to mind too, for some reason……..).

  9. Bloke: I was thinking Driving Miss Daisy, and was amazed she was younger than me, playing a gal in her 80s.

  10. She had a cameo as Robbie Coltrane’s ( you don’t hear much of him anymore) mistress in the first Brosnan Bond “Goldeneye” 1995. She was the Italian singing hag in the cinema “Phantom of the Opera”.

    She was also the female lead in “Gross Pointe Blank” a film I mainly remember because of some good shoot-outs and a good fight scene with star John Cusack (also not seen much lately: 1408 being his last memorable role) vs a hit man played by well known USA martial artist Benny Urquidez. Urquidez had some memorable fight scenes with Jacky Chan in the 80s. But his battle with Cusack was of a more gritty realistic nature.

    Anyway Driver is a fading sleb who was never more than marginally attractive.

  11. Gross Pointe Blank was an enjoyable film (especially the fight in the school reunion) despite Ms Driver and totally stolen by Joan Cusack.

  12. Grosse Point Blank is a great movie. More amazing still is someone in my MBA class came from Grosse Point. It’s a real place which always amazes me.

  13. Her name came up in a pub conversation a couple of days ago and I thought they were talking about a small golf club.

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