Err, yes

Kathy Hochul, who is set to become New York’s first female governor after Andrew Cuomo resigned over sexual harassment allegations, has said she will work to change the “toxic” work culture in the state’s top office.

“The promise I make to all New Yorkers, right here and right now, I will fight like hell for you every single day, like I’ve always done and always will,” the Democrat who has served as Lieutenant Governor since 2015, but remains an unfamiliar face to many in the city, told a press conference on Wednesday.

She is, of course, the Governor – or will be – of the State, not the City…..

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  1. Yanqui Kremlinology time: I wonder what Cuomo actually did to piss off the other looters. Obviously it’s not the bunga bunga stuff, or Bill Clinton and the senile child-sniffer and hordes of other pols of both wings of the regime would be out of the cool kids club.

    Making sure there’s no plausible Dem opposition to Kamala chameleon before the next election?

  2. Seeing as how she didn’t “fight” for the rights of the women in Cuomo’s office to fight him off I have some reservations about the credibility of her promise to “fight” for New Yorkers.

  3. Attorney General Letitia James has dun ‘im up like a kipper. She even said AG stands for Aspiring Governor. Ag has a higher profile than Lt Gov, who is usually picked for unthreatening qualities

  4. He was being investigated for three malfeasances :
    – groping the help
    – murdering a bunch of geezers during COVID and then lying about it
    – using state employees to write the book that netted him $5.1 million

    Several other Dem governors also murdered geezers, and *everyone* has shady book deals (one of the classic campaign finance dodges.) So there’s a distinct lack of enthusiasm for pursuing those investigations. But they can pretend that he’s the only pervert – God knows they have lots of practice – and whack him for that. And once he’s whacked, there’s no need to waste taxpayer money on the other investigations, right comrades?

  5. dearieme – thanks. I hadn’t, but had a read. It’s the usual socialist (un)lucky bag of realistic observations about the power politics behind the public face of the regime, and wac-a-day nonsense about how Donald Trump (pbuh) is a literal fascist who tried to mount a coup by encouraging unarmed Boomers to protest comically obvious election fraud.

    I do have some sympathy for the socialist, who tends to be a little bit more honest and sincere about his goals than his progressive counterpart. But that just means he should get the nice paddded seat in the back of the helicopter.

    From Joe Biden on down, the Democrats are incapable of acting against a single one of the conspirators in the Trump administration and Congress who organized a coup attempt on January 6 aimed at establishing a dictatorship in the U.S.

    In reality, the feds are aggressively trying to ruin the lives of everyone who had the temerity to show up that day thinking they are entitled to a say in the running of their own country, even though the vast majority did absolutely nothing illegal (and nothing at all has been done to punish the hordes of arsonists, looters and murderers who turned Yank cities into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds last summer, very likely with squads of undercover alphabet agents providing provocation and material support, because those piles of bricks didn’t appear on street corners by magic and the attempted prosecutions didn’t drop themselves).

    Cuomo undoubtedly has made enemies within the Democratic Party, but extreme right-wing elements may be at work as well.

    America being the shitty postmodern banana republic it is, there is no “extreme right” or “extreme left”. There’s no “two-party system”. There’s no meaningful, practical distinction between government, mass media, and the increasingly intolerant and censorious hypermegaglobocorps and billionaire donors the polotitarts and journowhores answer to.

    It’s Rentboy from Trainspotting’s vision of the future made real. Wankers, dearieme. Wankers as far as the eye can see.

  6. The third Governor of New York in a row to go down for sexual shenanigans (Spitzer, Patterson, Cuomo). Must be something in the water in Albany.

    But the idea he was defenestrated for inappropriate behaviour in the office is pushing it. He gets replaced by a Dem Lt.Gov – no losing the election to a Republican for him – his rivals in the Democratic party get rid of him and the Care Home massacre gets shunted into the memory hole.

  7. 1. Nothing upstate matters in NY anyway.

    2. How can anyone take a LT Governor seriously in this situation?

    a) Its ceremonial position.

    b) Either she knew what was going on and kept her mouth shut – complicit – or she didn’t – incompetent.

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