Every family has one

The one who causes quiet sighs of relief when they announces they’ll not be turning up for the wedding/funeral/christening.

Members of the Royal family were “quietly pleased” that the Duchess of Sussex missed Prince Philip’s funeral because they feared she would “create a spectacle” if she attended, a biography claims.

This isn’t because every family has a Meghan, thank the lord. Rather, because by definition any group has someone on the edge of what that group considers to be comfy, cosy and acceptable. That’s what a group means, that there’s some shared whatever. And natural variation will mean that some are more or less in accord with that shared. Thus any such group will have someone testing the outer boundaries. Who those more cosy with the ingroup find too testing and therefore grateful they’re not coming.

Then of course there are ageing bit part actresses which is another matter entirely.

1 thought on “Every family has one”

  1. If someone’s always bitching, you’d really rather they didn’t bother you.

    Of course to me, since Meghan and Harry aren’t prepared to work for the family firm, I don’t think the British taxpayer should waste any money on them. Apart from that how they mismanage their affairs is their business.

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