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Expropriation of the workers!

‘Never knowingly underpaid’: John Lewis hits out after being named Britain’s worst minimum wage offender
Department store caught up in row with ministers after being publicly outed over claims that it failed to pay £940,000 to 19,000 workers

That’s umm, £50 per worker. Or, over a year, 3 p per hour.

The explanation is that they smooth incomes. So, folks doing variable shifts get the same pay each time, aiding in being able to budget. It catches up with itself over time. But, obviously, it’s possible that some will, in some pay periods, seemingly fall below minimum wage.

Do note that there’s not a capitalist in sight here. Nary a single one. But aren’t we lucky that we’ve a government, and a law, ready to ding people for this?

It was claimed that investigations by HM Revenue & Customs found about £2.1 million was owed to 34,000 workers across all the companies.

4 pence an hour over a year. This is not, actually, a problem, is it? Especially as it’s mostly about did they include the shoe allowance in wages or not, time for washing hands etc?

5 thoughts on “Expropriation of the workers!”

  1. Of course they never bother going and looking in the real underbelly of the economy, mainly in places like Leicester and Bradford where getting any pay at all would be considered a result……….no, lets scrutinise nice law abiding white people instead, and demonise them.

  2. Apparently this is a 4+ year old situation which John Lewis say they have rectified. They aren’t best pleased at being named.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Expropriation? That’s rather more like what the govt is doing to 16 & 17 year olds. perhaps you mean exploitation?

  4. Not just Leicester and Bradford, white man firms too, High St. names.
    No, don’t look at that, too much like real trouble.

  5. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    “folks doing variable shifts get the same pay each time, aiding in being able to budget…”

    Er. Good job they don’t have shareholders or a stock exchange to explain those (even small) off balance-sheet liabilities to!

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