Fascinating language

Those who called for a people’s vote to overturn the referendum still want to be inside the union.

What is a referendum but a peoples’ vote?

Unless the differentiator is which way the result goes, your way or not?

7 thoughts on “Fascinating language”

  1. @Peter
    Yes, it’s hard to imagine a toddler throwing a temper tantrum that lasted for 5 years. But then toddlers grow up mentally and gain experience of the world, neither of which is true for Guardian readers or writers.

  2. @Boganboy
    Those who don’t agree with the Opinions in the mighty Guardian aren’t people. Voting in favour of Brexit is but one of the many disqualifications of Peopledom.

  3. I reckon it was Alistair Campbell who named it that, typical of him. Anti democracy hidden in a democratic cloak. T’other side went with 2nd referendum, which was just factual. What perhaps they should have done is not contest the name change but switch just start referring to it as a 2nd people’s vote. I say should, didn’t matter ultimately but perhaps it would stiffled it at birth.

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