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Getting Paris Hilton wrong

Think of Ghislaine Maxwell, always erroneously described as an heiress, as if that explained her incarceration in a New York jail, or the tabloid pages devoted to the misfortunes of the Ecclestone sisters, Paris Hilton, Christina Onassis and, before that, Doris Duke and Barbara Hutton. The only good heiress, it seems, is an unhappy one.

Not that I exactly carry a torch for Paris and yet. Yes, there are trust funds there. Yes, she will inherit. And yet. She’s also gone out and made her own fortune – by playing the role of the heiress.

I don’t know the current position but a few years back it was definitely true that her own, made, money was greater than what she’d inherited. At some point – those trust funds – it won’t be true. At least I assume so.

Hilton has, in fact, played a blinder. Taking this image desired, of the unhappy heiress, and using it to become rich. Comparative advantage…..

7 thoughts on “Getting Paris Hilton wrong”

  1. Paris is very savvy, or more likely has good advisors.
    She said as much in an interview that TV Paris is a fictional character. Nothing she does, whether it be losing her mobile phone or the sex tape is not planned or turned to her advantage.
    She can cash in on her air head act indefinitely if she carries her age group with her, which is why she now does cookery shows.

    As for the rest : boredom, drugs and booze is their lot and in Patty Hearst’s case bank robbery, especially if they didn’t inherit daddy’s brains. But of course misery sells in the papers, we all want to ser the Great brought to earth.

  2. A woman we know inherited several tens of thousand of pounds thirty years ago. Though the sum was modest a gold-digger married her and stole the lot.

  3. I wonder to what extent Gloria Vanderbilt played the same game, when she got into the designer jeans game in the 1970s & 80s?

  4. When a real person gets referenced in films, you know they’ve done something right (assuming you’re trying to be a celebrity)

    “Dave Lizewski : Jesus, guys, doesn’t it bug you? Like, thousands of people wanna be Paris Hilton and nobody wants to be Spiderman.

    Marty : Yeah, what’s with that? She has, like, no tits at all.

    Todd : Maybe it’s the porn tape, he doesn’t have a porn tape.

    Marty : You guys never saw “One Night In Spiderman”?”

    From the film ‘Kick Ass’

  5. Some prime cherry picking! Take one heiress a decade and build a case off it.

    Never mind the literally thousands who live off their inheritance without ever gracing a newspaper.

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