Ghastly Americanisms

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex believe that the Queen failed to take “full ownership” of the race allegations made in their Oprah Winfrey interview, according to the authors of an unauthorised biography.

A friend of the couple told Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, the authors of Finding Freedom, that the Queen’s lack of action had prevented them from moving forward.

The source also suggested that the Queen’s assertion that “recollections may vary” about their claims had not gone down well.

To “take ownership” is to say “Yep, happened, sorry about that, my fault, won’t happen again”.

As that’s not what Brenda is going to do over vague allegations that someone wondered what colour a quadroon was going to be then that’s not what she’s going to do, is it?

6 thoughts on “Ghastly Americanisms”

  1. It’s public spirited Dearieme, I think, who consistently points out “ghastly americanisms” on some blog or other. IS it the same one that has a serious self-awareness shortfall?

  2. Tbf it’s very rude of Her Majesty to not respond to vague, uncorroborated, passive-aggressive insinuations of “racism” from two of the most privileged people on Earth with an immediate apology, a public genuflection to St George of Fentanyl, and abdicating in favour of Queen Bipolar of Chlamydia.

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