It’s always there, in every report:

Governments should periodically evaluate the performance of their tax system in its entirety using tools such as tax gap analyses and tax spillover assessments.
The data underpinning tax transparency should be subject to a verification process, undertaken by an independent agency that would audit, evaluate and report on the accuracy and fairness of that data.

Who should run, advise or at least be paid by that independent agency other than the P³ who has done so much work on tax transparency and spillover effects?

4 thoughts on “Gissa Job!”

  1. I had to Google ‘Tax spillover’ assessments. Surprise, surprise. As I have observed before, one wonders what financial straits he has got himself in that he is in a remake of the Clint Eastwood Classic, ‘Low Fenland Grifter’ – it’s an interesting film, coming in at 25 years in length and involves an accountant who spends two decades shamelessly trying to milk the taxpayer. Utterly bereft of self-awareness of shame….

  2. So there are different tax rates in England , Scotland , France, Isle of Man and many others with respect to income taxes, alcohol taxes and much else.
    So to evaluate a tax spillover you have to evaluate every dumb and every intelligent policy of every country you invest or trade with in case your own better or dumber policy dis-benefits or benefits them. Basically the government has to evaluate the tax system of every damned country in the world. Piece of cake.

  3. @Bongo

    When you start, as Spud always does, with the answer you want, it makes research so much easier.

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