Gissa Job, Gissa Job!

Anna Chan for the Asian Leadership Collective told The Telegraph: “Unfortunately, incidents like this are all too common and only serve to appropriate and position East and South East Asia culture as nothing more than a prop or gimmick.

“This will continue to happen until companies begin to engage and consult with community leaders to ensure inclusive and accurate representation of culture.

“From our experience, this incident suggests legacy processes within the business that must be addressed. Inclusivity and unconscious bias training would be a strong starting point for the group to be taken seriously at their word to being open to learn and grow.”

So Anna, how much do you charge to engage and consult?

4 thoughts on “Gissa Job, Gissa Job!”

  1. East and South East Asia culture

    Can’t bring herself to include the subcontinent….

    the Asian Leadership Collective, which hasn’t even been up and running for a year. Presumably Chan saw the corporate genuflection to BLM and decided it was time to get some of that middle class white guilt money.

    Still, I shall be sure to remember to use more appropriate and up to date Asian cultural tropes in future, such as concentration camps, hapless lab techs and stupid bitches who blather about Asian culture while behaving 99% like a white Yank.

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