Guess this is true

Biden Calls Withdrawal ‘Messy,’

NYT headline.

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  1. Since BEING THERE, with the incomparable Peter Sellers on top form, was actually a documentary, we can reasonably infer that Mr Biden was referring to his adult nappy.

    I understand.

  2. Dennis, The Pauline Kael of Central Ohio

    You do Chauncey Gardner a grave disservice by comparing him to Joe Biden.

    Gardner was not a moral coward, nor was he callous towards others.

    Joe Biden is a coward – in both the moral and physical sense. He is indifferent to others to the point of callousness.

    What Afghanistan has shown us, beyond Joe Biden’s obvious incompetence, is that he really doesn’t give a shit who he kills, maims or harms. There are Afghans falling off U.S. airplanes (to their deaths) and Joe Biden couldn’t be bothered to break from his vacation. He just doesn’t give a shit. Those people are disposable.

    That isn’t what Chauncey Gardner was about.

  3. Well.. You can’t expect the POTUS to admit to what’s probably the clusterfuck of the century.

    Admittedly, there’s still 70+ years to go to make it official, but….

  4. I can only assume the Taliban are laughing their heads off. We are demanding the privilege of paying the cost of taking away the people they would otherwise be put to the bother of killing.

    They’ve evidently studied Asshole—–oops Assad’s approach of dumping all those they don’t want on the silly white West. No doubt they’re assuming that eventually they’ll be sending remittances that the Taliban can steal to those left at home.

  5. Telegraph headline: “Priti Patel calls on Europe to help take in Afghan refugees.”

    Er, no.

    You’ll notice the hand-wringing concern now being expressed for women in Afghanistan was not afforded to young white girls raped on an industrial scale by Muslims in Britain.

  6. “Imagine if this had happened under the bad Orange man?”

    Can you imagine if this had happened under the bad Orange man, and he’d given exactly the same speech afterwards? Because I’ve no doubt Biden (or whoever wrote the thing) thought he was being ball-achingly clever, blaming the Afghan government for failing to defend itself. After all — haha! — that’s what Trump said about Europe! Oh, what larks!

    Leaving aside the fact that (as the Congressional Afghan Study Group could have told him) it’s a load of baloney anyway, Trump understood the difference between a group of prosperous first-world countries who presume to lecture the United States about foreign (and domestic) policy on an almost daily basis and a nation struggling to emerge from over forty years of conflict and dictatorship with internal insurgents just itching to subjugate its women and murder its homosexuals and religious heretics.

    “America’s back”? Yeah, tell that to these people. “The Taliban has also said women will have to wear hijabs but not burkas.” Progress! (The old Kingdom of Afghanistan gave women the vote before Switzerland. It was the 1960s, to be fair, but still… before Switzerland.)

  7. I can accept that Biden’s handlers (Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, etc.) felt they could control the government behind the scenes. I understand all the political corruption that goes into that thinking.

    What I don’t understand is that they didn’t even anticipate that there might be a major crisis to deal with at some point during the administration. Not only did we just deal with a worldwide pandemic, and a border crisis that exposed our unwillingness to defend against other countries, but George W. Bush had to handle 9/11 only 8 months into his presidency. Not only is Biden’s administration incompetent, but they can’t even remember history from 20 years or a few months ago.

    Maybe they thought they were so loved by the international community that illegal immigrants would listen when they begged “Don’t come,” or that terrorists would listen when they begged for a ceasefire.

    It’s the same assumption Hillary had in 2016, when she thought Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Bon Jovi and Springsteen would get people to vote for her. We have Instagram and TikTok now. Everyone and their grandmother is a celebrity now. No one gives a shit about star power anymore. They care about competency and confidence, and Biden has neither of those things.

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