I can’t actually bring myself to listen to his voice

Much of the video explains why hyperinflation of the sort seen in Weimar Germany, Zimbabwe and Venezuela happens, and why it is incredibly rare.


Cato senior fellow Steve Hanke and co‐​author Nicholas Krus have carefully documented all 56 episodes of hyperinflation in world history in a new Cato working paper.

5 thoughts on “I can’t actually bring myself to listen to his voice”

  1. There is an old book “40 Centuries of Wage and Price Control” that details state attempts to inflate and control the consequences. Re-printed in 2014 and on Amazon.

  2. I watched him so you don’t have to.

    Jesus Christ, his poor students. They pay money and get in debt for life and firnwhat? To listen to an unqualified charlatan. Where ate the checks, the external monitoring, the professional standards that swamp just abiut every other aspect of modern society? How do ‘academics’ get away with avoiding what they insist on imposing on everyone else?

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