I look forward to Nesrine Malik’s article on this

A fresh wave of terror is being wrought in Darfur by the Janjawid militia which is capitalising on the withdrawal of peacekeepers after the revolution in Sudan.

Witnesses and victims report a revival of the group’s “slave hunts” in which girls and women have been rounded up, atrocities committed and communities looted by armed gangs on horseback, camels and in 4x4s mounted with guns.

The largest gathering of Arab militias in a decade was reported in Tawila, North Darfur. Analysts believe the Janjawid are taking a last chance to grab land, labourers and sex slaves while Sudan’s transitional government negotiates peace deals.

These are Arab Sudanese preying upon blacker Africans.

Ms. Malik is Arab Sudanese and takes great effort to write about how we British have hereditary guilt for our treatment, two centuries back, of blacker Africans.

I do so look forward to her article on this subject.

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  1. The Grauniad will ignore it as long as it can and them produce an argument that it’s all our fault because we didn’t leave a stable peace-minded government [in reality, as distinct from Grauniad propaganda, we did but it was forcibly overthrown several years later by Arab militants aided by non-Sudanese miltants]

  2. For more comment by un-self-aware Guardian columnists, there is this from Owen Jones today:

    “As a bewildered country blinks in the tentative daylight of freedom, after nearly a year and a half of unprecedented restrictions, a wider struggle to restore our sacred freedoms is surely overdue.”

    I couldn’t agree more Owen, and look forward to your defenestration from a tall building as a good starting point.


    White men: do we really need them?

  4. If you’re looking forward one would suggest you rent observing time on the Hubble.

    Metaphor nerd intervention: the Hubble is used to look back.

  5. I dare say that everyone involved is pretty dusky but no doubt they are conscious of the differences.

    I blame that General Gordon.

  6. It is the custom of their people.

    Oh for a modern day Charles Napier willing to introduce them to our customs.

  7. “Metaphor nerd intervention: the Hubble is used to look back.”
    To be extra nerdy, everything that is happening within the light cone happens at the same instant. Because information travels at the speed of light. Something happening a billion light years away is happening in your now. You can have no information about later events. To regard something a billion light years away as being a billion years ago requires a reference point outside the light cone. Which you are not.
    So the Hubble sees through distance not time.

  8. Incidentally, some cultures regard the past as being in front of them & the future behind. Because you’ve seen the past, but can’t see the future, presumably. So they’d look backwards for a future event.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset


    White men: do we really need them?

    My German isn’t good enough to translate as the German is a bit advanced, so I’ve used Google translate, but it gets to the heart of the article. This story comes under the banner of “Almost True News” but Poe’s Law makes you wonder:

    Berlin (ATN). Berlin’s Senator for Integration Elke Breitenbach from the Left Party has resigned. Her central task, the integration policy, had fundamentally failed: “Unfortunately, I have no idea how to integrate men better,” she told the German press agencyon Monday in Berlin. The resignation of the left-wing senator came as a complete surprise to politics in the capital, because no one had previously addressed the problem of integrating men in general into a society of women and diverse people. So far, it has been the task of integration policy to promote and strengthen coexistence between Germans and migrants. The fact that Senator Breitenbach sees the much bigger problem in the integration of half of the population, namely all men, speaks for your foresight and your resignation for political insight.

    The reason for the unexpected resignation is a discussion about the classification of the murder of the 34-year-old Afghan woman Maryam M., who was allegedly killed by her brothers because they disapproved of their western lifestyle. The Berlin public prosecutor spoke of an act of “offended sense of honor”. Politicians from various parties called the act an “honor killing”. The left senator generally rejects this designation: “In Germany, a woman is killed by her partner or ex-partner every third day. This is not an honor killing, this is femicide, “she told the Tagesspiegel:“It’s not about the origin and nationality of the perpetrators, it’s about the question of gender”. Because this has nothing to do with migration, but affects all men, integration work can no longer be carried out as before, but it must be carried out as a fundamental change in society. In a green-red-red federal government she would be happy to take on this task after the election, if such a “men’s integration ministry” was given a right of veto as a cross-sectional task, analogous to the climate protection ministry proposed by the green chancellor candidate Baerbock.

  10. Bloke in North Korea (Germany Province)

    Tichy’s is one of the three best places for news the mainstream doesn’t cover (of course, all written off as far-right bigoted corona-denying conspiracy theories).

    readers may also be interested in Reitschuster, and Achse des Guten. Links not included becuase posts here with links are censored faster than the truth about Coronavirus on twitter.

  11. @BiNK(GP)

    “Links not included becuase posts here with links are censored faster than the truth about Coronavirus on twitter.”

    I haven’t noticed this. By Tim??

  12. From experience, and MMV but, two links (in one post) is fine, three or more gets auto delayed (until Tim’s had his nap)?

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