I would hire a brighter building manager

Prof Chen-Wishart, an expert in contract law, described how an incident a few weeks ago prompted her to become more vocal on the issue of race and launch a social media campaign. She said that as she was entering her office in the Law faculty, a building manager asked her who she had an appointment with.

When Prof Chen-Wishart told him that she was the dean of the faculty, the manager said he “forgot” and proceeded to follow her to her office.


The claim though is that this is because of race or skin colour. Hmm, well, how often are white folks asked? Maybe it really is racism but at least we should ensure we’ve the necessary data to find out.

14 thoughts on “I would hire a brighter building manager”

  1. Since there are obviously so many black? people at Oxford that he can’t recognise them all, I’d say this is evidence that the place is outstandingly non-racist.

    Though you could point to the conduct of Chen-Wishart to shoot my argument down in flames.

  2. I doubt ‘building managers’ ie minimum wage doormen recognise the head honcho in many places.

    Just another bitch complaining that the serfs aren’t showing the sort of deference she requires. Like that horrible goblin-faced shit whose name escapes me.

  3. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    How long has she been Dean? And how many times has she come to the building before?

  4. Was she shot? Assaulted? Insulted? How would an unbadged unrecognised middle-aged white bloke have been treated? Desperate attention-seeking? Struggling for relevance? I can’t tell but my BS alarm is going off bigly.

  5. I bet this has more to do with problems with Chinese tourists who ignore signs and just walk in than it does with this individual. She looks the same as a group of troublemakers and can’t understand why she is treated the same as troublemakers. The solution in her mind isn’t to deal with the troublemakers but to brush the issue under the carpet.

    Coming from Chinese Tapei/Taiwan you’d think she’d be more alert to co-branding issues.

  6. I don’t believe the story. Universities have been awash with East Asian academics for ages (and South Asian too). They just aren’t unusual. What she’s up to I have no idea. But she’s a shyster so commonplace honesty is perhaps not part of her job description.

  7. The Pedant-General

    I suspect “high and mighty”-ness being given short shrift.

    Everyone, but everyone, knows that you need the porters on your side. The very first thing you do is introduce yourself and be unfailingly polite to them. You WANT them to recognise you when you come in to the college they look after.

    I’ll bet she was rude or dismissive and haughty.
    I’ll also bet that the porters don’t get a right of reply to this tirade.
    I’ll bet further that she’s not making many friends with them right now either.

  8. Doorman does their job, challenging intruder failing to show authorisation.
    What next: a complaint that the cleaner washed the floor?

  9. She’s ethnically chinese. Until now chinese people have refreshingly been free of this woken nonsense. Get on with life, get paid for the work you do, laugh at people with inflated expectations of their own importance.

    Clearly, the pollution is spreading.

  10. Tim the Coder is pretty close to the mark. She walk into her own college, porter recognises her and allows her to stroll through. She walks into Balliol or Trinity or Exeter and the porter doesn’t recognise her and challenges her. I don’t remember *ever* just walking into another college without informing the porter who I was going to see.
    Law faculty – yes the guy *should* have recognised her – that’s gross incompetence.

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