I’m seeing a pattern here

Macron grapples with new ‘gilets jaunes’ protests against vaccine passports
President faces backlash over France’s controversial health pass brought in to boost a lagging pace of vaccinations

I’m not hugely convinced that the gilet jaunes are “because vaccine passports”. As I’m not that they were about petrol prices.

I am though getting the impression that there’s a large chunk of the French population extremely pissed off. At “the system”. The establishment. Them.

The particular trigger is just that, a trigger, not an actual cause.

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  1. There’s little doubt, unlike the craven Brits, the French are still capable of scaring their politicians. I suppose it’s that history of having lopped the heads off the ruling class. There’s always the possibility of them doing it again.

  2. “a large chunk of the French population extremely pissed off”.
    Absolutely, it appears to be an inherent characteristic doesn’t it?

  3. Saying that the gilets jaunes are protesting about the vaccines is attempting to make them out to be anti-vaxers and against the public’s health. It’s the equivalent of shouting racist when you realise you’re losing an argument.

    One of my favourite quotes is something along the lines of “Tyrants hide their tyrannical actions behind the excuse of public health”.

  4. Adolff

    Yes indeed. The French desire for ‘democracy’ is tempered by the reality that they detest whoever they elect and whoever they don’t, and have a deeply-ingrained habit of striking, blocking streets, destroying stuff etc to show they don’t like who they elected.

    In my view, a direct reflection of the apparent fact that yer average French citizen thinks it’s the State’s job to provide for all their needs and wants. All. No personal investment required.

    All part n parcel of hating Mommy because she won’t buy you the ice cream you wanted.

    Not at all anything to do with rebelling against a heavy-handed, incompetent State. Just spoiled-child behaviour writ large.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    There’s protests all over the place against vaccine passports and from my observation there seems to be as many if not more women than men, which got me thinking.

    Young women have a bit of a dilemma, as lower risk takers which risk should they take? The risk with Covid or the risk with the vaccine? Its the same for young men, but to a lesser degree because of the child bearing risks.

  6. BiND, the vaccines and vaccine passports are separate (if related) issues for some people. A friend of mine who’s a few years older has had his shots but is vehemently against the passports. A lot of people recognise the civil liberty dangers in the passports.

    It’s beginning to look like the vaccines don’t work very well. It’ll be interesting to see how many people the establishments can carry with them with further contradictory propaganda.

  7. It’s interesting, a couple of months ago I quoted Kate Bingham’s view that covid vaccines would be equivalent to flu vaccines and got roundly shouted down by some of the people who are now repeating what I said months ago. Maybe I have a Cassandra complex.

    On the other hand, re Macron. I used to enjoy discussing politics with French people at adjacent restaurant tables, when that was possible. They would do the Brexit hahaha routine and I would ask about Macron. Invariably the reply was that they voted for Macron while holding their nose. They didn’t want to be thought of voting for Le Pen. They regretted it in 2019 and it appears they regret it even more now

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    They’re linked to the extent that the threat of passports is being used to cajole young people to get vaccinated. Deciding that the personal risks aren’t worth it doesn’t a rabid anti-vaxxer make and the younger you are the more the scales tip towards not getting vaxxed.

    I’m vaxxed and I’ll probably have the booster, but I’m also vehemently against vaccine passports for civil liberties reasons and also because my generation has asked for too many sacrifices from the younger generations and I want to support them.

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