Increase the propaganda!

So what needs to change? We need a green curriculum that starts in early years and extends through all key stages. Properly taught, climate change education should be a thread through all subjects – not just science and geography – from the food miles of the ingredients we cook in food technology to debates on humanitarian issues such as mass migration in religious education or personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education.

Indoctrinate the ickle ones!

Of course, she’ll not be teaching the truth about food miles at all, will she? That near all of them come from our trip to the shops, not from anything further down the production line…..

12 thoughts on “Increase the propaganda!”

  1. Ann Widdecombe recently said on ‘Farage’, “The purpose of Education is to teach how to think. It is NOT to teach what to think”.

  2. The kids have had little but lying greenfreak Marxist bullshit for 40 years.

    It has created a background of lies amongst the hard-of-thinking but most people are not that bothered because the eco-liars have had too many cod deadlines and 5 minutes real study dispels the crap. Reading Tony Heller and his old media accounts of wild and horrific weather from days gone by show that it is cooler in the early 21st century. That the hottest years of the 20th century were the 1930s and that claims of late 20th century warming are lies.

    So this new evil is just an attempt to formalise and give Official Seal to lies already being pumped. A Gladrag liar who wants more lies and Marxist bullshite. Not a surprise.

    Time that trashrag was out of business.

  3. “It might sound perverse, a teacher supporting kids taking time off school”

    It might once have sounded perverse, but it doesn’t any longer. The last 2 years of Zoom sessions and union pontificating have seen you well and truly rumbled by most parents.

  4. Humanitarian issues, eh? What’s her solution to the 730 million people living in extreme poverty? Or the nearly one billion people living without access to electricity? Or the three billion people who cook over an open fire? These people have no hope if fossil fuels are not part of the energy mix for the foreseeable future.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    If Master BiND is anything to go by it wouldn’t work. They were indoctrinated against smoking. When I took him to club cricket matches with me he’d walk along the row of waiting batsman who were smoking and lecture them on the evils of it. (I was usually umpiring). All his friends were the same

    By the time he got to 16 he and his friends were smoking, and it wasn’t just tobacco.

  6. I smelt wacky baccy being smoked on a trip to Holland in 1986. Burning compost heap stench. Tobacco smoke not good but far better aroma say from good cigars.

    Never smelt wacky since until this year where it now seems to be everywhere in the streets including relatively well-off ones. Perhaps some threshold has been reached for numbers of mugs or something. Maybe the sheeple are calming their case of virus fear-shites.

  7. Make the little blighters do a year on a farm, kibbutz/land girl style.
    Two teams: one using fossil fuel: tractors, etc, the other using horses, oxen and manual labour.
    Swap over every month.
    Eat what they harvest. Yes, through winter too. Teach ’em about freezing, and food preservation: oh no, all those Chemicals!!!

    When they see how much effort goes into the food, and how little there is to eat in February, maybe the little sods will have learned something.
    Food comes from farms, money and petroleum, not from a plastic tray in Lidl.

  8. It isn’t just food, it’s everything. Most people haven’t the faintest clue about the origins of all the stuff that makes their lives so cushy. OK give up using fossil fuels then, but be aware that this means giving up literally everything. No food, no clothes, no effective medicine, no transport apart from walking. You can have a house for as long as you can carry on repairing it but you can’t heat it. That is the reality of it.

  9. Because the green subsidies have made coal power uneconomic in Oz, the power companies have proposed that coal burners as well as windmills and solar panels should be subsidised, to make sure we get 24/7 power.

    The windmillers and solar panellists are frothing at the mouth. This could make green power unprofitable!!


  10. I once knew someone that did a study on food miles and energy as part of their phd studies
    Conclusion was that the local small producer had a significantly higher energy footprint (so also carbon).
    As he said if you are growing something in a climate controlled greenhouse as they you don’t have the local conditions to grow it and then transporting it in small batches to local farmers markets it’s going to be higher, he was just interested in quantifying it rather than proving.
    Transport in bulk was a large part of the issue as it pushed the per unit energy requirements down significantly vs taking a couple of boxes in a pickup 10 miles

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