By now Sandra Oh’s hive of devoted fans have likely binged all six episodes of her new Netflix dramedy, “The Chair.” As Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim, the newly appointed chair of the English department of a small liberal arts school called Pembroke, Oh’s meteoric rise comes at a time of scandal and uncertainty for her department, and it doesn’t help that she’s a woman of color subject to the racism and misogyny inherent to academia.

Well, if it’s inherent:

Learn to pronounce
existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute.

Then we’d better abolish academia in the name of equality then, hadn’t we?

Actually, I thought we’d already done that given the output of the modern universities…..

12 thoughts on “Inherent?”

  1. “racism and misogyny inherent to academia.”

    Which obviously failed miserably in stopping her being appointed head honcho……

  2. ‘Actually, I thought we’d already done that given the output of the modern universities…..’

    How can I possibly argue?

  3. In universities I have seen a little bit of misogyny but I’ve not seen any racism. But if you bring a sense of resentment and grievance to an institution I’m sure you can convince yourself of it easy as pie.

    Ron Unz believes he can demonstrate racism in Harvard admissions: anti-Asian and pro-Jewish. I assume the pro-Black racism is hardly worthy of comment. Christian white boys from the sticks probably don’t get a fair crack of the whip either.

  4. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    Are stereotypes inherent in US comedy?

    Has anyone actually proved it’s a comedy?

  5. Started to watch it the other day, before I read this. Quite amuzing in parts, laugh out loud in places. As far as I can see no one in the series has an issue with her being of Korean extraction. Its all b*ll*cks what has been written there.

  6. formertory (and lately even more so)

    @BiND – excellent. And of course Monty Python understood that “inherent” takes the preposition “in” and not “to”!

  7. What would make a good comedy/satire would be a conservative female ethnic minority being made head of a liberal arts college.

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