Instant Advice – Don’t Send The Clintons

How to Help Haiti Earthquake Victims

10 thoughts on “Instant Advice – Don’t Send The Clintons”

  1. US should invade and make it a state. Set up a land registry, fix the infrastructure.

    How many billions were spent on Afghanistan which is mountains, heroin poppies and Islam? Haiti would cost a fraction of that and you get beachfront hotels and golf courses on your doorstep.

  2. Anybody ever looked at the sat images of Hispaniola? You can actually see the frontier with the DR in places, although it’s only a fence. Green fields one side, parched scrub the other. Haiti really is a fucked up country.

  3. Another one? All that voodoo not doing them a lot of good is it?

    If there was anything to it the Toxic Twosome of Bill and Kill would have vomited up their innards after the first couple of Haitians with stories to tell got Arkancided.

  4. Tomorrow’s Stop Press:

    ” We regret to announce that British blogger Tim Worstall has died. His body was found hanging from a beam in his home in Portugal. He is said by the local Police to have shot himself twice in the back of the head after imbibing a fatal cocktail of tranquilisers and whiskey. The Authorities believe he committed suicide.”

  5. Instant Advice – Don’t Send The Clintons

    So what you seem to be saying, reading between the lines is that the raping of preteens or sacrificing infants to Baal and Moloch won’t help?


  6. seems to show that it wasn’t only the Yanks who made a mess of Haiti.

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