“Dear Professor Murphy, I am a commenter at your blog and I disagree with you on……”

Professor Murphy: “What drives your sociopathic (at best) tendencies?”

10 thoughts on “Interesting”

  1. “I was fine until I read your bullshit MR Murphy. You still going to Weight Watchers or is the ban for life?”

  2. He must be taking lessons from Vox Day (PBUH) on how to treat blog readers and commenters.
    How amusing.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ He says here he fell out with his father when he was 13”

    What sort of 13 year old boy didn’t fall out with his father at that age? (What sort of 13 year old girl didn’t fall out with her mother at that age?)

    What sort of adult holds that up as a badge of honour?

  4. I suspect my father fell out with me at 7. Possibly as a result of an uncle giving me a wind-up sub machine gun fired a roll of caps & my decision to launch a commando raid on my parent’s bedroom at 6AM on Xmas morning. So by 13, job long done.

  5. Tim Coder, has Vox Day gone then? I see his blog is under review. I quite enjoy his overbearing self-importance and Knowledge Of All Things.

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