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Isn’t this a remarkable call

As he also noted to the Guardian, in his opinion Brexit is the point where the Conservatives and business parted company. Returning to the single market is essential, he and his members think.

I am sure he is right. But my question is what are they going to do about it? Why don’t they all join the Conservative party for a start and overthrow its absurd policies? If not its next leader (and it looks like there could be another one soon) will be at least as bad. If they join they can change that. Why are they waiting?

So the people actually got a direct vote on this. They decided to do what business – in this telling – did not want to do. Well, that’s democracy.

At which point The Sage³ tells us that business should overthrow democracy in the interests of business.

How fascist is that?

5 thoughts on “Isn’t this a remarkable call”

  1. This probably only applies if “Business” is equated with “CBI”, ie all the bloated crony-capitalist outfits that profited hugely by the EU’s regulatory ability to keep their competition out. I believe that small and medium businesses were in favour of Brexit.

  2. If business speaks with one voice on everything one wonders why we have many businesses. Get them to merge into one and save on the overhead.

  3. This business, my business, wanted well out of the EU racket. And as I am a small business – small business being the largest on aggregate employer in the UK both Ritchie and the CBI can go boil their heads.

  4. The people got a direct vote on the single market? When was that? The only vote I remember was on membership of the EU.

  5. I don’t remember the Fascists actually doing that – they won an election first (“won” in the sense of getting enough votes put them into government).
    Maybe you mean “Falangists”.
    It is remarkable that suggesting that Murphy is fascist seems to be slandering fascism.

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