It ain’t over ’till it’s over

That is a bonus for the already booming British production industry of course, especially in the aftermath of our departure from the EU, but it is something more important as well. It is an early sign that the “zero-Covid” countries are turning into “hermit economies”.

Of course, controlling Covid through lockdowns and closed borders was a triumph to start with. As the pandemic has dragged on, and borders remain sealed for years without end, it is going to take a huge economic toll. Australia is heading back into recession even as the rest of the world recovers. New Zealand is seeing investment flee.

My best guess is that Sweden will, in the fullness of time, be the place shown to have got this right.

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Yep, those who used to scream about the number of deaths whenever their strategy was raised are rather quiet now. Two of their exemplars from last year, Czechia and Slovakia now have far higher death rates.

    Sweden has already announced that they expect cases to rise when schools go back and people get back to work but that they won’t be changing their strategy, whereas we’ve already got the government muttering about winter lockdowns. Denamrk is following suit and has just announced the removal of all mask mandates, except in international travel areas at their airports.

  2. Australia’s and New Zealand’s policy of locking down might work if it were permanent. No one allowed in, no one allowed out. For good.

    Sweden (others?) went down the route that ‘the science’ has proven to work – protect the vulnerable, let the healthy get it and allow it to spread around ’til it is no more of a threat than the seasonal ‘Flu.

    TPTB virtually everywhere else went down the route that guaranteed the greatest amount of power for themselves and the best opportunity for themselves and their friends to make lots and lots of money.

  3. ‘ Of course, controlling Covid through lockdowns and closed borders was a triumph to start with. ’

    Mismanagement is never a triumph.

  4. Addolff,
    Delta is already in Aus and they think they can stamp it out if they go full Stasi but they’re wrong. It’ll get them all eventually.

  5. Lets recap what I said right at the beginning of all this, which was

    a) We’re all going to get this eventually, and it’ll be around permanently, so get used to the concept.
    b) All lockdowns do is suppress it for a while and it will inevitably surge once you start lifting the restrictions.
    c) its no use trying to vaccinate against a coronavirus which can and will mutate faster than you can develop new vaccines, or administer them.
    d) the best strategy would be to protect the most vulnerable in the short term and in the longer term put all the money and resources into finding drugs/treatment strategies that cure those most seriously affected, not vaccines for everyone.

    Not a bad shout from an uneducated country bumpkin I think.

  6. Roue, exactly. They allowed people in and out which is why it didn’t work. I do believe the only country with stricter travel rules than Oz at the moment is North Korea.

    Jim, you are a nasty, selfish, evil man with a heart as black as coal for even suggesting such things.
    Me too, but the problem with that strategy is there’d be no ‘trebles all round’ for TPTB.

  7. If we still had a military worth a damn then instead of messing about in Scumafhistan as some mugs are suggesting , we should make military interventions in Aus/NZ/Canada. Quick strike invasion and depose present regime. Bring the scum leaders together for a triple execution–Turdeau/Jacaranda Vagina-Dentata/ and –the Aussie idiot-Morrison is it?. Tho a minor figure Andrews from Victoria needs a neck stretch also. Drop them all through the trap–poss on a nice beach in the Maldives–one of those that was supposed to be underwater years ago. As an extra insult to the Greenfreaks.

    And a nice place for a party afterwards.

    “Dance while they Dangle” sounds like a good title. Hopefully no one will misinterpret the phrase though.

  8. Lockdown means locking down the media too, shutting off all the transmitters as it’s obviously too dangerous for the technicians to go out and service the transmitters (for broadcasters) or the presses (for newspapers still printing).

    Once the people pushing the panic are made to suffer to the extent the rest of society is, maybe the iniquity of the lockdowns will be understood.

  9. Two of their exemplars from last year, Czechia and Slovakia now have far higher death rates.

    Interestingly, those two changed course this year and permitted Ivermectin to be used as a Covid treatment. Their daily cases and deaths have been effectively zero since June. If that turns out not to be coincidence it’s going to be tough to keep quiet.

  10. Yes, Sweden got it right, despite immense pressure, internal and external, to follow the international herd and get it wrong.
    Anders Tegnell deserves to be awarded the Nobel prize for medicine for the lives he has saved, and the Sverigesriksbanks prize to the memory of Alfred Nobel in Economics for the damage he saved the Swedish economy from.

  11. Ah well, Jim, you’re probably used to thinking logically about infectious diseases, albeit of moo-cows and the like.
    BLM = Bovine Lives Matter.

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