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It’s always the third or fourth one, isn’t it?

Men are so shallow and unthinking:

In 1956 he married Marilyn Greene. They had two daughters, Kathryn, a patent lawyer, and Shannon, who began her career selling her father’s Food Dehydrator.

The marriage was dissolved in 1963 and after a brief second marriage he married Lisa Boehne, with whom he had a daughter, Lauren, a chef. That too was dissolved and in 1995 he married his fourth wife, Robin Angers, a lingerie model with Frederick’s of Hollywood;

Takes them so damn long to work out what they actually want in a woman.

5 thoughts on “It’s always the third or fourth one, isn’t it?”

  1. And conversely, what a woman seeks in a man.
    Now why did a young, attractive lingerie model choose to marry the old millionaire?
    Not something feminism will accept, methinks.

  2. Re-marriage used to be described as the triumph of hope over experience. In this case, it looks more like the triumph of cash over repellence.

  3. Many years ago a colleague summarized a book about CEO’s. There’s always at least 3 wives. The first is the colleague sweetheart, a marriage of love. Second is the power couple. A wife to help him reach the top. The third is the younger model trophy wife.

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